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Your Questions About Mishawaka Indiana

August 29, 2013

John asks…

Hot Dog House in Mishawaka?

When I was younger there was a small restaurant you could get polish sausage sandwiches. It was in Mishawaka close to a railroad tracks. It was along time ago so it is hard to remember all the details. Is the place still there?

Administrator answers:

Assuming it was Dog N Suds, its not open anymore. There is one in Lafayette Indiana.

I wonder if it is now Dog N Mug.
1725 E Mckinley Ave
Mishawaka, IN 46545
(219) 256-2313

James asks…

Best place to buy Indiana Fireworks?

Looking to travel to Indiana (I live in Joliet) for some Fireworks. Looking for recommendations on shops to stop at… I dont have a lot to spend but want to get some decent stuff to wow my kids, my son likes the tanks and frogs and spaceship kinda fireworks. But at the same time I dont want the neighbors laughing at me cause my best firework was a bottle rocket. So what shop are you suggesting and any particular firework that will give me the best bang for my buck? Unless someone wants to give me a deal on some class B :)

Administrator answers:

As you know most little stores don’t put anything on Answers. You can put the links up and then see if you can find their email or phone number. Check out the one that is third from the bottom.

Search resultsBoom Town Fireworks, Your Indiana and Chicago Fireworks …
Boom Town Fireworks is your Indiana and Chicago fireworks superstore, selling high quality … In Season 2012 Store Hours: Monday through Sunday May 11th thru June 11th 12 …
Http:// – Cached

Fireworks Outlets Indiana
Find Fireworks shops and stores, and buy Fireworks in Indiana – Cached

firework stores – Fireworks For Sale | Sparklers | Big Fireworks

Shelton Fireworks Indiana Locations
Shelton Fireworks has Seven locations in Indiana to serve you.
Http:// – Cached

Fireworks from Crazy Steve – Mishawaka, Indiana
“Fireworks, Fireworks, Fireworks!” The Best Fireworks in Northern Indiana from Crazy Steve’s … No more searching for hours in a crowded store, just browse our site …
Http:// – Cached

Your Fireworks Store in Southern Indiana, Corydon, New Albany …
If you want to buy fireworks of high quality, with a great selection and the lowest prices, Casabella’s Fireworks stores are for you! Best fireworks store in Southern …
Http:// – Cached

Phantom Fireworks : Locations
Indiana; Iowa; Kansas; Kentucky; Louisiana; Maine; Maryland; Massachusetts; Michigan; Minnesota … Bought from a competitor. This year get the #PhantomFireworks experience! @Fireworks – Cached

Indiana Fireworks Stores Ohio | Fantasy Fireworks
Indiana Fireworks Stores Ohio Lynch Pyrotechnics Aurora, Indiana Farm Fest Fireworks, 2007. There’s a huge fireworks store right off of I-70 when you cross the Ohio …
Http:// – Cached

Shelton Fireworks with Retail Warehouses in Four States and …
Operate warehouses located in Missouri and Indiana. Products include bottle rockets, missiles, aerial rockets, firecrackers, multi-firers, roman candles, aerial …
Http:// – Cached

Home – 1/2 Price Fireworks – Local and Nationwide Sales …
Click here for descriptions of our most popular Indiana fireworks… To help you celebrate … Click Here for store hours & directions.
Http:// -

Charles asks…

I just moved to Indiana dont know anyone, im gonna be starting a new school 8th grade. how do i make friends?

I dont wanna seem lame or anything. Im pretty easily to get along with. Just a little shy. I dont know anybody in indiana. Im in 8th grade, starting a new school, on august 11th. Dont know one person. I know ill make friends just im scared, i dont know what the kids are like here. I was pretty popular at my old school. Im a pretty girl, i wear hollister etc., will i make friends fast?


Administrator answers:

What part of Indiana? I have 3 sons. We live in Mishawaka Indiana.

Carol asks…

Pitbull laws?

Does anyone know what the laws are exactly on pitbulls in Mishawaka, St. Joseph County, Indiana? Or if there are any other BSL laws here? Ive looked in St. Joseph County and state laws, nothing about them there, but I know there are laws for Mishawaka‘s twin city, just not if Mishawaka is the same.

Administrator answers:

(A) A person shall not own, harbor, possess, or keep an American pit bull terrier/attack dog, or any other dangerous animal unless such animal is licensed under this section or an application for licensing of such animal under this section is pending.

This was closer to the bottom of the article. The link to the article is listed below

Sandra asks…

do any of you know if there is a hollister in kokomo indiana?? If so what is the cheapest price and where at??

Administrator answers:

No there is not one in Kokomo but there are hollisters in indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Merrillville, Mishawaka, Evansville, Lafayette, Bloomington, Greenwood, and Clarksville.

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