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Your Questions About Mishawaka Indiana

September 11, 2012

Jenny asks…

Dose anyone know of any Viper Car Alarm Dealers and Installers around Mishawaka, Indiana?

I need to find one who will put it in also.

Thank you


Administrator answers:

Nope but i live in mishy

George asks…

What is there to do in Mishawaka Indiana?

Administrator answers:

You can fish or kayak on the St. Joseph River. There are many nice, small shops in the town. Also, the Hannah Lindahl Children’s Museum. Hope that helps. Nappannee, IN is nearby, and that is where the Amish people live. You can take a trip there, too, if you’d like. They have horse and buggy tours and many places to shop and eat.

Carol asks…

Is there anywhere in South Bend, Mishawaka, or Granger, Indiana that hires 15 year olds?

I need money and a job and please no answers that say chores, car wash, or any surveys. I mean actuall jobs.

Administrator answers:

Never thought I’d see my home-town, Granger, IN in a question. There aren’t many places around there, at least not when I lived there, that hired under 16. Martin’s might, though I’m not entirely sure about them. I’m fairly certain that one of my classmates worked at Mancino’s when she was 15. Those are the only places that might hire under 16 around town.

Off topic, but are you a Penn High School student? Class of ’05 myself.

Add.: If you’re willing to accept seasonal employment, the ballpark on Currant Rd. Would employ 15-year-olds to work the concession stand, I think.

Mark asks…

where can I find an honest mechanic in Mishawaka Indiana?

Administrator answers:

Check if Jack Dodge is in your area…he da man..

Sandra asks…

Does mikes car wash in mishawaka indiana drug test?

Administrator answers:

Call and randomly ask. They are obligated to inform all applicants if there will be entry drug testing, random drug testing, scheduled drug testing, or incident only drug testing. It should be stated in the employee handouts as well.

To the guy who thinks “good honest people” dont smoke weed. I guess good honest people dont use tobacco or use alcohol either? Why does smoking weed make you dishonest and not worthy of a job?

In saying that, you are saying all laws are right. You are going to tell me every single law in america is right. That is what you are saying. You are an ignorant person by saying someone is bad because they broke a law. There are alot of stupid laws in place. Do you realize marijuana was made illegal due to large corporations fearing hemp competition? Then the government releases ridiculous propaganda for years on the substance that has all been disproven.

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