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Your Questions About Mishawaka Indiana

October 2, 2012

Helen asks…

can anybody give me a list of every single store at the university park mall in mishawaka, indiana?

Administrator answers:

Click on the link below to see the complete list of stores (too long to put here).

Donna asks…

Things to do in South Bend / Mishawaka, Indiana?

I will be spending 2 months in the area for work, and I am curious about things I can get into when I have time off. I understand University of Notre Dame is in the same town which leads me to believe it has a college town feel to it? Let me know some good places an out of towner from California can take if easy.. thanks!!

Administrator answers:

Well you don’t say what your interest are so check out these links and see if anything is of interest to you.


Links for Elkhart and Elkhart County which is just to the east of South Bend.



William asks…

are there any clubs open on wednesdays in south bend,mishawaka,elkart indiana?

my cousin just turned 21.

Administrator answers:

Well, I know the Jo-Ann fabrics at the Concord mall in Elkhart has some great groups, classes, and I guess you could say “clubs” devoted to various arts and crafts. You can learn Serger techniques, knitting, holiday crafts, et cetera at a reasonable low price. Certainly some are better suited to adults than kids which makes being 21 a big bonus!

I hope that answers your question, being as you posted it in hobbies and crafts section.

John asks…


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Administrator answers:

Hillary 2008 and thumbs down to obama

Mary asks…

I’m trying to find a place in Mishawaka Indiana that has Magic The Gathering Card.?

Administrator answers:

Try this link from Wizards website:

Put in the city info under Magic Locator.

Good luck!

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