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Your Questions About Mishawaka Indiana

November 8, 2012

Donna asks…

Is it legal to plow snow from your driveway into someone else’s yard in Indiana?

My neighbor has been plowing snow from their driveway into my yard. I’m from Mishawaka, Indiana and was wondering if this was legal because we asked them to stop and they haven’t.

Administrator answers:

Call the cops and try to press charges. If they tell you that you cannot, then yes, its legal.

Paul asks…

I need to do 80 hours of court ordered community here in south bend or mishawaka indiana, i need some ideas.?

i just moved here from michigan and have no idea where to go.

Administrator answers:

You need to check with the clerks office at the court house. They normally will be able to direct you to a room withing the court house where they have an approved list of those places where and the type of , community service can be performed.

Just call your local court house, or better yet, take a drive over on Monday and talk to someone in person, it’s easier that way.

Lisa asks…

im 14 and im looking for a job in South Bend / mishawaka, Indiana can someone please tell who might hire me?

search for my first job

Administrator answers:


John asks…

My friend is moving to Mishawaka, Indiana where I live? Plane tickets?

Okay so my friend is moving here to Mishawaka……She needs plane tickets, and how much everything would cost… She lives in
Cabaret, Australia…. so that would be a long way, right?

I’m sick of all the high priced things, so could anyone give something alittle bit low? Not TOO high priced?

Also, she is 13 and moving here on her own. She doesn’t have that much money and she needs a job, but the money there is different from ours…. AHH!! I have no idea what to do! We’re both freaking out and stressed. Someone please help in this time of need!!
She’s not running away either.
And she’s taking her mom….(just found out)

Administrator answers:

$1435 US Dollars or $1800 Australian Dollars… Per person so that would be about $3000 US Dollars or $3600 Australian Dollars for two people… That is the cheapest plane tickets… And that IS one way… I know thats not cheap but thats how much it costs… I’m an adult with a full time job and I can’t afford to fly to Australia… It’s going to be tuff for a 13 year old to be able to afford it…

Sandy asks…

I live in Mishawaka Indiana. I am disabled and need to have some groceries and dog food delivered asap. Help?

I have the money for food I just am in too much pain at times, like now, that it is very, very hard for me to go to the grocery store myself now. I need a friend that I can trust and call upon when my phyical limitations get this bad. All I have is my father and he lives 25 miles away. Moreover, it’s not that dad won’t help me out, it’s just that he has done so much for me already that I don’t want to keep asking and asking him to do things for me. I would really like to have a person that would be willing to help me out with grocery shopping, laundry, some house cleaning, and other small things only when I hurt so bad. Any one around the area of Mishawaka, Indiana that would like to help me out? I would really appreciate it and appreciate having a friend around here. I just moved here, that’s why I don’t have any real friends, that I can trust, around here – just “acquaintances.” Thanks :)

Administrator answers:

Contact your local community services. There is a service offered for people with disabilities. The will come in and clean your house, do laundry, and help with the cooking. They will also have someone go buy your groceries for you. Not a good idea to have them delivered to your door. You just never know. Try these local services. I would trust them before I would truat a total stranger. Good luck, let us know how you are doing.

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