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Your Questions About Mishawaka Indiana

December 6, 2012

Lisa asks…

Anyone ever been to Mishawaka,Indiana ?

Administrator answers:

Yep. Small northern Indiana city, situated between South Bend and Elkhart. Very nice.

Jenny asks…

anybody have a free adult dog close to mishawaka, indiana?

my 13 year old beagle died back in may and now my 7 year old cocker spaniel is lost!! i can afford food attention and shots but don’t have a wad to throw out to buy another dog! the dog would have to be friendly but protective, and not mind a cocker spaniels head constantly up its ass! “scamp” is by far a follower!
im sorry i misled you, my cocker spaniel is lost without his big brother who died in may. he is definately at home , i cant even go to the bathroom without him!

Administrator answers:

Go to your local animal shelter, or and go to pets and it will search your city.

I know how it is with dogs, they become companions, and there totally devastated when the other one dies, :[ good luck!

Paul asks…

South bend/ Mishawaka Liquidation sale?

Is there any liquidation sale going on this weekend in Mishawaka/Indiana that sells computers? I heard there was one at a store called “Linens and things” but I looked up on google and I didn’t really find anything.

Administrator answers:

Just saw a commercial today
Friday Jan 7, 2011 12pm – 8
Sat Jan 8 10am – 8
Sun Jan 9 I don’t recall the times

Mary asks…

i need a job in Niles, Michigan or Mishawaka…. help!?

okay, so i’m a 15 year old looking for a job in Niles, Michigan (or maybe even Mishawaka, Indiana)

I found out that I can’t work at Burger King unless I’m 16, and as for anything else I’m not quite sure, because i’ve only checked online thus far.

I was also curious if you could just… call and see if they’re hiring.. or is that strictly unprofessional?

Administrator answers:

Don’t call, it’s annoying. Stop in and ask if the place is local, if it is a chain, look online. Jobs are VERY limited when one is your age so be patient. If you like kids there is always babysitting…

Lizzie asks…

appliances at frtters in mishawka indiana can’t find it?

fretters appliances in mishawaka ,Indiana

Administrator answers:

Wow, I thought Fretters went out of business back in the early nineties? They used to be a regional appliance store in the midwest (we used to have them all over in Metro Detroit). But, yeah, I don’t think you’ll find that store anywhere anymore.

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