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Your Questions About Mishawaka Indiana

September 9, 2012

Helen asks…

Mishawaka Indiana?

Does anyone live in Mishawaka, Indiana? If so, where by?

Administrator answers:

Yep! I live close to the Meijer on 331… You know where I’m talkin about? Where do u live?

Nancy asks…

What time does breakfast start at mcdonalds in mishawaka indiana?

Administrator answers:


Lizzie asks…

Where in Mishawaka Indiana is a store that sells cheap camo fleece jackets?

I’ve been wanting a camo fleece jacket and i can’t seem to find one for cheap anywhere, does anyone know where i can get one?

Administrator answers:

316 Indian Ridge Road
Mishawaka, Indiana 46545
Tel: 574-243-9188

FieldStaff Poly Fleece Jacket in Mossy Oak “Break-Up” $23.44

? ??????q ?

Jenny asks…

How do I find a motorcycle club in South Bend or Mishawaka Indiana?

I am looking for riders in my local area to ride with. Also looking for someone willing to give lessons along with my MSF course. Ready to move forward from my permit stage. 2003 Harley Davidson Sportster.
Yeah…did that with no good results. Thanks for trying.

Administrator answers:

I’m new to this area too. Love Harleys, & love to ride with someone.

Linda asks…

What apartments in mishawaka indiana area do not reguire credit checks for approval ?

Administrator answers:

I’m not in the area but any place that does not do credit checks is going to be dumpy and will let anyone in. If you don’t care about who your neighbors are then good luck. And I have horrible credit so I’m not saying that people with bad credit are bad it’s just that a credit report tells a lot about a person. Like court and city tickets come up on those reports not just late credit card bills

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