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June 7, 2012

Betty asks…

Unmarried couple buying house with different incomes?

My boyfriend (28) and I (21) have been dating a little over two years and are considering buying a house to take advantage of the cheaper market and tax breaks right now. We would probably only stay in the house 2-3 years and then rent it out or sell it depending on the market.

My boyfriend is currently in school but worked a lot before he started college and saved up a good sum of money and established very good credit. I graduated from college last year and am now working for a moderate level income but I will be going to graduate school this year.

Basically, if we buy the house, my boyfriend would have to pay the entire down payment because I have no money saved and I would pay half of the mortgage. His perspective is that I should have no ownership of the house because I have not done the difficult part to save up money and establish good credit. However, being that I am usually the one taking care of all administrative parts of our current apartment and doing most of the cleaning, I don’t feel right putting time and emotional energy into something that I don’t have any rights to.

Does anyone have any advice on a similar situation and how they handled it? I am not with my boyfriend to take advantage of his money and I know that I could never purchase a house on my own right now, but I guess I also would like to maintain some sort of independence and not just live in “someone else’s” house, even if I only own 10%!

Please help! Thanks!
My boyfriend has saved about 50,000 so we have a solid down payment and enough for closing costs. We are currently paying 1000 per month now for rent and we are frustrated with constantly throwing this money away at 12,000 per year….

Administrator answers:

You are a smart woman and this is a really good question. Your instincts are correct. Do NOT pay half of the mortgage on this house unless your name is on the Deed and Mortgage. Think about it – what if you live there with him for 5 years and have paid half the mortgage for all of those years and then he decides to leave you for someone else? You get nothing. You were basically renting and now you have to leave. Tell him that you understand and agree that he is entitled to the money he has saved, but that you are not going to pay half of the mortgage every month without the house being in your name too. This being the case, you can even sign something saying that if you do end up selling the house in a couple of years (or if one of you decides to leave) that he will get his original money back, and after that you will split the proceeds. So let’s say he’s putting down 10k on the house. The house costs 100k and when you sell it in 2 years you get 130k for it. He would get his 10k back first, and then you would each get 10k of the proceeds. (Best case scenario you guys are still together and then have a total of 30k to put down on another bigger house!) This way he knows you are not trying to take advantage of his money but just want security for yourself- this is an investment for both of you, not just him. If he doesn’t agree then don’t live with him- he’s obviously not ready for a commitment with you.
I used to work for a mortgage foreclosure firm and would hear from people who got into a situation like that asking me what rights they had and the answer was if you’re not on the mortgage and/or deed then you don’t have any rights to the house whatsoever. Protect yourself. Also buying a house (with your name on the mortgage) will help build your credit! If he wants to be with you for the long run he should want you to build your credit and want you to be protected.

Mark asks…

Apartment Neighbors trying to get us evicted!!!?

We moved into a moderate- low income community about February 15 of this year 2011. Since we moved in here from Day one, the upstairs lady and her husband hae been nit picking on what and what we cant do. Down grading the Landlord and what not. Constantly calling the landlord on us, the cops with false information and unable to prove what they claim. The local police are getting tired of her calling them on us without probable cause as stated to my husband when she called them the other night on him when I was at work. She’s made threats that I filed numerous complaints on her about. But the judge wont take our complaints seriously. Mostly everything is based toward my husband. Names are being slandered through out the complex we are living in and she even got someone evicted because they were talking to us. I will explain later. She stated anyone talking to us will be a target. Well low and beholdnour friends were evicted. The landlord even came to checkout the basement and stated to me that why did we lock the basement outside doors so our upstairs neighbors cant get in? I said we didnt, the doors are very hard to open from the outside. Now someone called the public works and said we are not recycling!!! We cant take any more and can not afford to move. Can someone direct us in the right direct for help please!!!!

Administrator answers:

You can’t get evicted over nothing; truly being evicted requires going to court, where you have the chance to argue your case in front of a judge. The burden of proof is on the landlord to prove you have violated your lease in some way. If he can’t do that, then you can’t get evicted. It sounds like your neighbors either had their tenancy terminated (were given notice to vacate because there is no lease or it expired), or were illegally evicted. No landlord can just decide to change the locks, turn off utilities, etc. To force a tenant out; this is called “self-help” or “constructive” eviction and is 100% illegal.

Are the upstairs neighbors your landlords? You need to just keep to yourself and move as soon as you can. This is NOT good situation, and it will almost certainly escalate. If this woman threatens you or touches you, call 911. Other than that, not really anything you can do other than move. Dealing with strange, rude, and downright crazy neighbors is just a part of life, especially when renting.

Richard asks…

Cost of living in Dubai – I’m planning to move to Dubai, what are the rents for a Studio apartment?

in which area i can find moderate accomodation? preferably on non sharing bases. Would 8k be a reasonable income? What about gettting a driving license and Auto finance?

I’m from Pak

Administrator answers:

for a studio u have to pay 25,000-50,000 Dhs per year. Here u could find some flats to let

i didnt get it 8k what? Us$?? Per month or year? 4 living in dubai u should make at least 5000-6000 Dhs per month. (( 1US$=3.65Dhs)) auto finance is easy (just done in 3-5 days) by bringing a 2months bank statement which the money (at least 2000 Dhs) is deposited as salary or …
Hope this would be the best answer.

Donald asks…

what is it like living in Perth? how are the hospitals /asked of white ,single 60 year old living in USA,?

wanting to move to Australia, heard the climate is nice and hot, what is good about Perth as compared to the other =cities in Australia? How would a $25,000 income do? could i get by renting a nice apartment, have nice food for the month, how is the grocery shopping what are the prices like, clothes, food,?? entertainment and night life no interest, no interest in places of interest, just nice place to live, apartments with swimming pools? Adult communities:> you know over 55,,no children?. are they in Australia? anything else i need to know, areas to stay away from crime? moderate to none where are such areas, NO DRUGS where are the no drug areas? tell me anything about Australia and the culture, and Perth in particular,

Administrator answers:

I’m afraid you have zero chance of being able to move to Australia as you simply won’t qualify for any visa that would allow you to do so.

You are not a skilled worker under 45 in an occupation listed as being in need of workers or a successful business person under 55 with very substantial assets, so the only possible visa for you at age 60 is an Investor Retirement visa and your stated income is nowhere near the minimum required. An IR visa requires the applicant to have financial assets of at least AUD$1.5 million and a minimum net income of AUD$65,000 and is a temporary 4 year renewable visa that does not lead to Permanent Residence and provides no access to our Medicare system or any government benefits.


Australia in general and Perth in particular would have been a great place for you in many ways but you would really struggle to have the kind of good life you have in mind on only $25,000 – our minimum adult wage is $28,276 and people really have trouble making ends meet on that.

Ruth asks…

Feel depressed, all the time…suicidal thoughts since age 10?

Ok, well, here goes. My life has kind of sucked, since I was very young. I’m 16; my father was a sperm donor, so it’s just been my mother and I my whole life. I grew up in a trailer park, but when I was 9, my mother got a brain tumor. It was partially removed via surgery, but a portion was unable to be removed for fear of severing the significant blood vessel onto which the tumor had grown. For further correction, she was treated with radiation. This left her with debilitating headaches as a prolonged side effect. She has a family history of migraines, they have plagued her occasionaly since her twenties. The radiation treatment aggravated this, to a great extent. My mother could hardly function properly, and now, in addition, on any given day she could be crippled by an intense migraine headache. For a while, we lived off social security and food stamps. I was embarassed to bring friends to my home, as it was a rather old and beat up trailer. In 6th grade, we moved one town over, because we couldn’t afford our rent anymore. Our only option was a home for the elderly and disabled, because our rent would scale with income. As you can likely imagine, I was further embarassed to bring friends back to my place. This left me slightly socially awkward, as I was fairly shy. A few years later me moved down the street to another set of apartments that this same company managed. It was much older, though it was more cozy. I finally didn’t have to take an elevator to my own house! I was moderately less embarassed to bring people over. But that happiness did not last long. Our neighbors that lived in the apartment above us had mental illnesses, and were extremely stubborn in general. They would refuse to sleep in the night time, like the rest of the world; they had to sleep during the day and everyone else *had* to shut their damn mouths, sit in a corner and suck their thumbs all day so they wouldn’t be disturbed. Reality check, bitches. As well, they were not quiet people. They would bang and stomp all night long. When they were mad at us for waking them up during the day, they would stand above one of our bedrooms at 3 or 4 am and drop a bowling ball multiple times; it was quite obnoxious. Once, they even called the cops on me for watching TV too loud dduring the day. I assure you, it was no higher than 15 decibals. One of the two was bipolar; the other had a social disorder. On average, I got 1-2 hours of inconsecutive sleep each night. As you can imagine, come thursday or friday, it became extremely difficult to drag my ass out of bed. This led to me missing alot of school, which led to more social awkwardness. Just recently we moved back to the first apartment complex that this management company owns. Once again I am embarassed to bring friends to my house, and under no conditions would I bring a girl back to my place here. For one, it’s full of old ladies; some are insane, literally. They have nothing better to do with their lives than sit in the middle of the hallways on the recliner chairs watching everyone, then gossip about it later that night in the community room downstairs. Imagine how quickly word would get around were I to bring a girl to my place? That leads to an extremely awkward conversation that I don’t feel like having with my mother. I spend alot of time on my own, though inside, I crave positive attention. I’m extremely lonely, and my moderate shyness is not helping. Puberty was, and is, fairly difficult to go on your own. Sometimes I get sexual urges that are just so strong, there’s absolutely no point in fighting it. The use of the internet to..”fix” that problem doesn’t really help, either – it only makes me crave the real thing even more. As well, because of my slight social awkwardness, pubescent laziness, and lack of challenging material, I’ve always despised school. Yet every morning I still drag my ass out of bed and force myself through another awful day. My grades have been slipping lately, because I just don’t care anymore. Sure, college is in the back of my mind screaming at me to get off my lazy ass, but I have no motivation. Life just sucks. Well..I’ve felt slightly depressed for quite a long time, though it wasn’t until recently that I’ve lost most regard for my personal safety or wellbeing. When I was younger, my grandmother would often bring me by my cousin’s place to visit my aunt, her two daughters and her son, Charlie, whom we all called Chaz. Charlie was always more like a father to me than a cousin; whenever I came around, he just dropped whatever it was he was doing and took me to play basketball next door or would try to teach me to play the electric guitar. But about a month ago, his apartment burned down, and he never made it out. My mother was seriously affected by his death, and she talks about him almost daily. I myself am NOT the type of person who wants to talk about these things. I prefer to deal with my shish on my own. My mother would badger me to talk, regardle

Administrator answers:

Wow. You seem angry.
Find the cause of your anger
When you begin to get angry write down what you’re angry about in your notebook. Use a color of pen based on how angry you are. Remember to put a date and time on the entry into the log. Just keep writing. There are a lot of things that have you ticked! Just keep writing. Number the items.

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