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June 6, 2012

Susan asks…

Do I qualify for moderate affordable income housing? Income eligibility question AMI.?

So I’m planning on applying for a moderate income apartment. I’m at the 120% AMI range ($59,000-$97,500 max income for a household of 3).

I’m just wondering what they take into account when calculating your income to meet the AMI. Obviously they look at your income from employers. But my wife is in a program to donate her eggs and has donated 2 times this year. She made about $15,000 from these donations. Since this is sporadic income, and is not guaranteed since she has to be chosen by recipients (if chosen at all) and also she is only allowed to donate 6 times with the company– would this be included as part of our income? Also, someone had told me not to put money into my savings account because this can also be counted as income as well (I don’t see how that works).

Can someone please give me a break down of what exactly is included as earned income when they calculate income eligibilty to see if I fall within the 120% AMI range?

Administrator answers:

All money coming in is income and counted. She was paid for her eggs, she is not donating them, they are being sold, That is income.

The money in your bank account is not counted as income….that would count it twice, which is not correct.

Robert asks…

Anyone know any landlords who participate in the low income or moderate rehab programs?

I’m in search of a 1 or 2 bedroom house or apartment.The Housing Authority in the city and county(St.Louis MO) don’t help at all.Anybody got people or know of any good programs for housing?

Administrator answers:

Does HUD have a website there? You should contact your local county building also. They will probably know where to direct you or what programs are out there. Also try Goodwill Industries. They help people will different needs all the time!

Joseph asks…

Is what this apartment doing illegal?

I hope i can make this short..There are these brand new moderate income apartments and i was very interested in them but i feel like in some way i was discriminated against. I found out about the apartments IN Mid July and tried calling the office several times, left messages got no call backs and even went there but the lady was never there, (she was usually on the apartment property) So i kept calling calling calling not to much though cause i assumed scene there new she is probably very busy.. Finally my boyfriend and my son got lucky one day and went to the office she was there and happened to be on her way out, we told her we were interested in the apartments and would like to fill out an application. She then gave us brochures to make sure we met the income limits and then told us we had to make an appointment to do the extensive application. So we knew we would be perfect candidates for the apartments, we called back two days later to make the appointment. Of course no answer for a couple weeks. I even called and spoke to someone else and said i was having a very hard time getting a hold of her and that i had been trying to reach her for over a month and blah blah bah she took down my name and number still the lady dint call back..then my boyfriend thought emailing her might help getting a hold of her well it did she emailed back two days later and asked how many bedrooms we were interested in and there was a waiting list for one location but had a few left at the other location. my boyfriend emailed her back right away saying we were interested STILL and the other location would be fine, she didn’t email back of course and a week had passivised. Now I called her yesterday and after a month and a half SHE ANSWERS to tell me that now they have NO apartments left(yet she said in the email a week ago she stated she had a few left) and we are now on awaiting list. I am extremely upset that this happened when i have been trying to contact her for over a month and and she implied to us twice that she has apartments left but when we tried to tell her yes yes we are interested no response and now ironically she answers the phone after over a month and after i spoke to someone else about her and to tell me there a none left REAALLY WELL I BET THERE WAS SOME LEFT A MONTH AND A HALF AGO AND I WAS IGNORED. So is this wrong what action can i take towards this im very upset that i didn’t get the apartment and very upset that i was treated like this What can i do?
Sorry this is so long and sloppy but please answer
Okay You say there the not answering calls is not illegal but What about when she said there were apartments left and when we said we were interested they were magically full HMMm

Administrator answers:

It sounds like this place is really unorganized, but that is not illegal. After a month of trying to contact someone about renting an apartment and barely getting a response what do you think it would be like to live there? What if there was a problem do you think they would get back to you in a good amount of time? If they are really this slow you are better off finding a different place to live where the landlord actually gets back to you. Take this as a hint that this probably isn’t a good place to live and your lucky they never contacted you. They are saving you the trouble of moving in, spending money, having problems just to find out the people that run the place don’t know what they are doing.

Lizzie asks…

I have a pending charge of assault 3, can it be found in a criminal background check?

If so can that be used against me even though I wasn’t convicted of it? If it’s pending do I have the right not to reveal this information? Also this is my first arrest ever. This background check will be done for housing (apartments that go by your income, low to moderate income)

Administrator answers:

Yes, it can and will be there for many years. It is pending, it is on the books. If they do a criminal background check, it will come up. Even from 20+ years ago, those things come up. Trust me, I know.

Mandy asks…

Is this always what happens after the elections for Incumbents?

To the Honorable John P. Sarbanes Congressman of The State of Maryland Third District:

Congressman Sarbanes,
I wish to offer my sincere heartfelt apologies to you. As you may know by now I have harangued your staff in an attempt to get some help for some of your most senior constituents. As I have stated to your staff the power for the “City Owned” Senior housing at Xxxx located at 0000 South Lxxx in Baltimore consistently goes off for days at a time stranding several elderly wheelchair bound persons on high floors in the dark, without elevator service, lights in the stairwells and without any means of escape. Many other residents with heart conditions risk angina or worse by traversing the dark stairway to the lobby. They are locked in the lobby because of the security systems inability to open doors without power. BG&E has taken responsibility for the outages but refuse to permanently resolve the issue. As I told your staff, last august when temperatures were over 104 degree’s in the apartments, The Baltimore Mayors office said it was not life threatening so they declined to help. As you know I have exhausted all the local resources and have been unable to crack the bureaucracy that protects the City and State from actually helping people. These are moderate income senior apartments and the residents pay from $500.00 to $1,000.00 per month and utilities.

My deepest regret is that I somehow felt that the son of a retired long time Maryland Senator, Esteemed Congressman and self proclaimed champion of his constituency would garner at least some respect and clout with Maryland companies such as BG&E. After the initial bureaucratic nightmare of a response I received from your office I was finally able to obtain a member of your staff to try to assist us in elevating the misery of these elderly persons. I did not realize however until BG&E refused to even talk with your staff just how little respect you garnered with such entities as BG&E. I am sorry for the embarrassment I caused you by assuming you actually could help your constituents with more than gallery tickets and flags.

I must admit I had once thought of running for the US Congress but now that I understand just how little power, prestige and dismal willingness they have to actually make a difference for their constituency I have subsequently changed my mind. After the millions of dollars you spent to maintain your seat representing the third district of Maryland I found my self naive in believing you actually could use your clout to help. Alas there appears to be no clout, no prestige, no help just more Bureaucracy. Thank you for opening my eyes to these facts and once again please accept my apologies for bothering your staff by assuming you could or wanted to help.

The Question is stated in the first line. Look for the question mark. It is a dead giveaway as to what the question is.

If you need a summary OK:
Politician promises vote for me and I will fight for you. Politician gets reelected. Politician can’t muster a phone call to help. Now refer to the first and biggest line above with the question mark. Answer please…
Too bad for you it is not my letter so much for that. It was one of several and I picked a shorter one. There is a House Committee on Energy and Commerce -also- House Energy Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations so the ability of a Utility which is a Natural monopoly or de jure monopoly and regulated by both State and Federal Agencies but you miss the point. The basic question still is do politicians on general stop listening to constituents after the elections? No matter what the issue do they really care?

Administrator answers:

Wow no one gets it and the answers are full of hate. Maybe it is because John P. Sarbanes is a Democrat. Had he been a Republican you would all be indignant. There are ways any politician can help and this guy is just another wonk. All talk and no action. This will always happen with Democrats especially but sadly enough Republicans too. The Honorable Mike Pence from Anderson Indiana is great at helping as he has helped me a couple of times so you can count on him.

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