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Your Questions About One Bedroom Apartments

August 28, 2013

Michael asks…

How long does it take to paint a 3 bedroom apartment?

I might be moving into a 3 bedroom apartment and it needs to be completly painted. It has about 1,400 square feet. The bedrooms also need brand new flooring and my family would like carpet in all 3 bedrooms,Hall, living room. About how many days does it take to install carpet in the apartment. And how long to paint the Entire apartment. Its a condo if it helps has balcony and like i said it needs carpet and paint. Thanks in advance

Administrator answers:

The way I’d bid this job:

To repair the average amount of damage done to apartment drywall (nail holes, gouges from moving furniture, etc) figure an average of 15 min per room. Use a small bucket of drywall mud instead of spackling if you don’t want it to crack out when the seasons change.

To sand and prime your patches, figure another 15 min each room.

To paint, figure 2 hrs per average size ceiling, 4 hrs for 2 coats per average size room (the second coat is always faster). Figure the same amount of time for a bathroom, it’s smaller, but there are more things to paint around.

Add another 3 hrs per room if you are doing a drastic color change. A high quality blocking primer will cover about 300 sq ft per gal. That’s about a bedroom, so if you are painting them different colors, tint each gallon to 90% of the wall color (if the paint store adds 100% of the tint, after you prime the walls, you won’t be able to tell where you’ve painted until it’s dry).

Do the paint before the carpet and you won’t need drop cloths. Use a drywall knife (wide putty knife) and slide it along just under the baseboard to pull the carpet back from the baseboard so you can paint it. Add an extra hour per room if you aren’t painting the baseboard — 2 hrs if you are painting it a different color than the walls.

Have a professional do the carpet. It’ll look better, last longer, and they can do the whole apartment in a half day. It’ll take you a week easily.

Touch up the baseboards after they are done. Paint the back of the light switch cover closest to the door with the wall paint so if you ever have to match the paint, you can just take the cover to the store.

Donald asks…

What is the average kilowatt usage for a small one bedroom apartment?

My fiance and I are moving into a small (605 sq ft) one bedroom apartment on the top floor with central a/c and hot water. The apartment does not have a washer/dryer and we do not have a computer. There are ceiling fans in two rooms though. What should I expect my average usage to be?

Administrator answers:

If you call the utility company with the address, they can tell you what the past usage has been. I have done this with both houses and apartments.

Ruth asks…

How much should I plan on spending for a one bedroom apartment in Milwaukee in a safe area?

I’m planning on moving to Milwaukee,wi. How much sould I plan on spending for a one bedroom apartment in a safe area? I’m a 26 year old single male. What area of town would be a good place to live in?
How is Bayview or Glendale? I don’t want to live an an area where I’m going to be the only white person. My friend suggests the Layton Blvd area.

Administrator answers:

It all depends on where you get the apartment on what you will be spending. Apartments on the Northside are only like 400 a month but, like for myself, i would be the only white person within 40 miles. Not my cup of tea. Move to the outskirts… Men. Falls, wauwatosa, brookfield, waukesha, mukwonago, cudahy, west allis, hales corners etc… If you want safe, thats where to be.

Mark asks…

what is the difference between a 1 bedroom apartment, a bachelor pad and a studio apartment?

so i was looking for a new place to move and i wasnt exactly sure wht to look for. i want a one bedroom apartment but at the same time im bachelor.

so what is the difference between a 1 bedroom apartment, a bachelor pad and a studio apartment?

Administrator answers:

A one bedroom apartment has a separate room for sleeping, and a kitchen. A studio apartment may be only one room, plus a bathroom. A bachelor pad can be either one. Funny, but there don’t seem to be bachelorette pads, or divorced people pads.

Steven asks…

What was the average low-to-middle income rent in 1979 on 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments?

Writing a book and in the given time, I was not a renter (too young), but wondering what rent was on your average 1 or 2 bedroom apartment in your average suburban area. Personal experience would be preffered, or directions to a relaible website on the subject.

Administrator answers:

Personal experience: Around $100 for a one-bedroom, around $150 for a two bedroom, in Austin, Texas.

And we thought it was highway robbery at the time!

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