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Your Questions About One Bedroom Apartments

May 7, 2013

Charles asks…

How many people can occupy a one bedroom apartment in the state of Kentucky?

I need to know is it okay for a mother with one boy
and one girl and grandmother to live in one bedroom apartment. There is one bedroom a living room a kitchen and bathroom. A total of 4. I personaly think it is okay. How many people had 9 kids back in the day lived with one bedroom for kids. Families were closer then too.
This is for a friend. Or do they need a 2 bedroom apartment?

Administrator answers:

They need a two bedroom apartment.

They didn’t have zoning laws or code enforcement “back in the day.” They do today.

Generally, two adults with an infant or a toddler can occupy a one bedroom apartment. The apartment is almost certainly zoned as a one family unit – three generations and four people are too many for a one bedroom apartment.

Thomas asks…

What things should I really look for when renting a 1-bedroom apartment?

This is going to be my first time actually going out on my own at the age of 21 and trying to find a 1 bedroom apartment to live in. I would like to know what questions to ask the landlord. Also, how much is it on average to rent a 2-bedroom apartment? Can I negotiate the rent with the landlord or is it a set price? Thanks. I hope to make it on my own.

Administrator answers:

You can call the local police dept. For information about crime in the are. Also if you are thinking of renting in a complex the police will be able to tell you approximately how many calls they have from that complex. Ask your landlord what the utilities run per month in that particular apartment. Make sure that the apartment that you are looking at is the same one that you will be renting. Make sure that you are able to cope with what ever lease that they are asking for, IE: 6 month or 12 month lease. Inspect the apartment for the following: Water drainage in the tub and sinks, water pressure, leaks under the cabinets, water standing in the dishwasher, fresh filter in furnace, burnt bulbs, clean carpet, loose woodwork, fresh paint. Check the ceiling for water spots (leaks) Check to make sure that the following are all in working condition: dishwasher, garbage disposal, oven, refrigerator, furnace and A/C. Ask the landlord how many maintenance personnel work there. If it is in a complex, then there should be 1 maintenance person for every 75 units. Should you choose to rent a 2 bedroom apartment, they typically are priced 100 more per month than a 1 bedroom depending on where you reside. Ask the landlord what they feel about a room mate. Who knows, you may need one at a later date. I mean 1/2 rent sounds better in a 2 bedroom than full rent in a 1 right? I hope that this helps you.

Sandy asks…

Would you rent a $1500 a month one bedroom apartment if you had to live by yourself?

I want to move out of my parents house and there are single bedroom apartments in the area from anywhere between 850-1500 a month. They will probably help out to start but I will eventually pay out once I start working. What do people think of this plan?

Administrator answers:

Also gotta factor in utilities…what is included with the rent? Some include the works (water, gas, electricity) others only include one a few or no included utilities… Utilities can be up to another ~$300 depending on what you need and who provides the service

Also food…that’s another easy $250 a month if you want to eat good and not top ramen everyday

And gas money…depending on how much you drive that could be another couple hundred a month

Car payments…another couple hundred

And insurance…another couple hundred…

Basically the rent may be $1500 but everything you need may end up costing closer to $3000…do the research, see what comes with the apartment, see how much your family spends on groceries every month, keep track of how much you spend on gas every month…keep track of all your expenses

Keep track of all expenses for a few months, whatever month you spent the most add it all together and add that amount to your rent…it will give you am idea of how much the extra stuff is gonna cost (extra meaning gas, food, entertainment…etc)

Steven asks…

How many occupants can legally live in a 1-bedroom apartment in Netherlands?

I would like to know if husband and wife can live in a studio? Also is it possible for husband wife and a baby to live together in one bedroom apartment? Till what age of baby can the family stay in one bedroom apartment? All this for rules in NETHERLANDS!

Administrator answers:

Officially the children of each gender have to have a bedroom away from their parents and siblings of the other gender. But if you live in a house and a baby comes along, you can have it sleep in the parents bedroom for years.
In a one bedroom apartment you normally have a living and a bedroom. In that case the parents can sleep in the living while the child gets the bedroom when he/she is too old to share a room with the parents.

I would not advice it, neither would I suggest a couple to share a studio apartment (one room only) and if you live in the Netherlands legally, having a family that is too big for the house you live in will move you up the waiting list for a bigger house/apartment. But as there is a housing shortage in all cities and most villages, do not expect miracles.

Linda asks…

How can a four bedroom apartment be rented for less than a two bedroom apartment?

I found an apartment complex that offers four bedroom apartments for $569, and two bedroom ones are $625. Why is this? And does each roommate have to pay $569, or Is it $569 split between the roommates? I really don’t understand…

Administrator answers:

You have to go ask THEM! They are the only ones that can truly answer this.

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