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Your Questions About One Bedroom Apartments

July 5, 2013

Chris asks…

How many people can stay in a one bedroom apartment in the state of Delaware?

My family consists of my wife and son. My son is just 1 year old. Can we stay in a one bedroom apartment in the state of Delaware?

Administrator answers:

The general rule under federal fair housing guidelines is that two persons per bedroom, plus one additional person, is acceptable. So, three persons in a one bedroom apartment is OK. If a landlord refuses to rent to a family of that size, and cites “too many people” as a reason for refusing, the landlord will be considered to be in violation of federal fair housing laws that prohibit discrimination based on familial status.

Edit: Charles, you are wrong. “Familial status” refers to the presence of children in the family. If you refuse to rent to a family because a particular unit is not big enough for the number of persons in the household, it could be a sign of illegal discrimination against families with children. If the unit truly is too small for three persons, then fine. But, if you refuse to rent a one bedroom with 1200 sq ft of living space to a family of three, you could find yourself in deep doo-doo with the fair housing authorities in your area.

John asks…

What is the price of 1 bedroom apartments in Bangalore. Preferably Bangalore North?

I am searching for a single bedroom apartment since it would be a better option that paying 6000-7000Rs in rent every month. I think it is an investment which can return a good value when i sell. Please let me know the details.

Administrator answers:

2 BHK Apartment in North Bangalore close to International Airport not less than 30 lakhs, (if you prefer Direction of entrance door, Vastu compliance, rates will be still higher).
Besides you may have to remit monthly maintenace, security, vehicle parking fees, etc.

Re-sale of apartment will not yield good returns for your investment.

Ken asks…

How much does a two-bedroom apartment in Vancover?

How much would it approximately cost for a two bedroom apartment/condo in Vancouver?
I’m not looking for anything fancy, but nothing old, slum-like either and the neighborhood should be safe enough to roam freely at night and shouldn’t be too far from downtown. I’m interested in Fairview or Burnaby.

What would be the price range for an apartment like that? (to rent and to buy respectively)

Administrator answers:

Renting a 2-bedroom apartment in Burnaby will set you back at least $1100 per month. The rents in Vancouver go up from there.
Condos would cost you around $300,000 as a minimum in Burnaby. In Vancouver the prices will be over $400,000.

Laura asks…

How many people can live in a one bedroom apartment in Texas.?

I just had to leave my husband suddenly for safety reasons and we moved into a one bedroom apartment with my mom. So that makes two female adults and one male child. What is the law concerning this. We do have two separate beds.

Administrator answers:

Usually the law in most places is that for a one bedroom apartment it is two adults. Now when hubby and I had our first son and he was under a year old we were living in a one bedroom and it worked, but after they are one you really should have a two bedroom.

Donna asks…

How many people can live in a 1 bedroom apartment in CT legally?

My 7th month old son and my fiancee and I want to move into a one bedroom apartment is it legal in CT. Two bedrooms are much more expensive and my son sleeps in his crib in our room anyway.

Administrator answers:

When I went to rent an apartment in ohio I was told that it was 2 people per bedroom. But I don’t think a lot of landlords enforce this because my friend had a two year old little boy and she was trying to rent a one bedroom and the apartment complex didn’t have any available they only had a studio apartment empty and they told my friend that she get a studio for her and her son. So she rented one because the rent was a lot cheaper and she couldn’t find anything else in the area. But a few weeks later she found out she was pregnant and she didn’t say anything to the landlord right away because she didn’t have no money to move and she finally went and talked to the landlord to see if they had any bigger apartments or if they would let her stay in the studio for a few months after she had the baby until she could find somewhere else to rent. Her landlord didn’t have any bigger apartments open but she said that she could stay in the studio until her baby was a year old because they don’t count babies as living in the household until they are a year old. My friend ended up staying in the studio until her son was about 8 months old. It was very small but she didn’t really have a choice. I don’t know the law in CT but I think that most landlords will allow it. But I would be honest because if you lie they could evict you for not being honest.

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