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Your Questions About One Bedroom Apartments

August 6, 2013

Robert asks…

Is it possible to get a one bedroom apartment in Los Feliz for around $1000 a month?

Because of the struggling economy, do you think one bedroom apartments in Los Feliz could range from $875 to $1000 a month? I’m mostly looking in the area between Vermont and Hillhurst, North of Hollywood Blvd.

Administrator answers:

875, no but you MAY get lucky with 1000 but that’s on a low end. I live about an hour outside of L.A. And I know rent went down here a bit within the last year. Why not call different apartments or get an agent to help you.

Ruth asks…

How much would a cleaning lady cost for a 1 bedroom apartment?

I am planning on moving out of my one bedroom apartment. I want to make the moving day happen in one day.

I was hoping I could pack up the moving truck and drive away and then have a cleaning service come and mop, dust, clean, etc. the apartment one last time so it is left in a good, clean condition.

How much would it typically cost for a service like this in Los Angeles?

Administrator answers:

If fridge and stove need cleaning and baseboards, window jambs, walls, cupboards need a wipe down, floors need swept, vacuumed mopped or waxed—then we use to charge$75.00 an hour. It was my sister and I and we use to knock down 1 bdrm, 1 bath apartments in 2 hours. ($150) in sp.ic and (trademarked name brand of cleaner) shape
for new tenants. (…but that was in West Valley City in Utah in the 90′s before we got health issues thrown at us).
But it still holds true today.

James asks…

Moving into a 1 bedroom apartment, where to put exercise equipment?

We are moving from a 2 bedroom apartments to a 1 bedroom apartment for a year to save some money up.
The thing is we have a treadmill, weight bench, and a computer desk in the 2nd bedroom.
Does anyone have any ideas on where we would be able to put the stuff in a 1 bedroom apartment?
I appreciate it.

Administrator answers:

Put it in storage or ask family or a friend to store it for you. My husband and I lived in a 750sqft one bedroom apt when our daughter was born. We had a 46in tv, entertainment center, sectional, bookcase(for movies), table & chairs, queen size bed, crib, changing table, baby swing, pack & play, computer desk, tv stand, and a dresser. We could hardly move in that place haha. That didn’t count all the stuff in our walk in closet haha. So glad we bought a house. :) good luck!

Chris asks…

What is the price range of a 1 bedroom apartment in Kolkata?

Preferbaly in the North part of Kolkata. And how much more expensive would it be to get a 2 bedroom apartment?
This is for renting for 12 months. Not buying. :)

Administrator answers:

If you want it in rent …….
Then 1 bedroom apartment can cost you 45000 – 60000 INR in 12 months ….
2 bedroom apartment can cots you 60000 – 80000 INR in 12 months

P.S in private homes ……

If you want to live in guest house it’ll cost more …….

Mandy asks…

How much for monthly would it be for a two bedroom apartment?

Im looking on information on how much it would be monthly for a two bedroom apartment.

Administrator answers:

Depends on where you live. In Alexandria, VA, my daughter pays $1600USD for a one bedroom apartment, while my sister in Baraboo WI pays $600 for a 2 bedroom.

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