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Your Questions About One Bedroom Apartments Denver

August 18, 2013

Steven asks…

We are thinking of moving to Denver Co. Any Suggestions on best Location and what Areas to stay away from?

We are looking for good neighborhood in the range of 800 to 900 a month for a 2 bedroom apartment condo house or town-home. We have a 2 year old and prob will be 3 by the time we move and we are also looking for A++ Schools. Looking for the best schools Colorado has to offer. Thanks Give me honest advice or suggestion Please. No fooling around. Thanks again..

Administrator answers:

The Jefferson County School District is one of the largest and (last time I heard) one of the best districts in the country. You can’t really go wrong with JeffCo. I’d say for 8-900 a month, you can get a pretty decent apartment in the western suburbs like Littleton, Lakewood, Golden, etc which is incidentally the same area JeffCo operates in. I live near the Columbine area (yes, its near the the high school which is named after it) and it is typical suburbia as you seem to be looking for. The Ken Caryl valley is also very nice and has some good schools as well.
If you have any other questions, you can email me. I hope I helped!

Betty asks…

How do you suggest I go about renting as a college student?

Next year I will be attending Metro state in Denver. They do not provide housing there and I will have to find my own housing. The apartments I have found are between 550-1000. The one I am serious about is 655 and in a safe location. How do you suggest I make sure I can make this rent every month and what kind of job should I get that can help me pay it?

Administrator answers:

Students typically rent a room in a house or apartment with 2 to 5 roommates (depending on how many bedrooms are in the home).

Depending on prices in your area and the quality of the accommodation, that could mean a cost of $300 to $500 usually.

You will only be able to work part time. That likely means a normal minimum wage job in retail or food service, but if you have a way to make more than that on a part time schedule, then by all means do so.

Paul asks…

How much are utilities in Denver?

Have a chance to move there. Interested because of the cheap rent (compared to LA) and the chance to save money. We would just rent a one bedroom. About how much are utilities (gas, electricity) during the winter for a 1 bedroom?

Administrator answers:

When i was living in an apartment i was lucky enough to find one that paid the utilities for me. So theres always that. Even right now i live in a 3 bed 2 bath house and keep it at about 65 degrees all the time and my bill is only about $100 or so a month thru the winter. Also theres a lot of apartments that just take the basic rate of the entire building and average it out to every unit so everybody pays the same amount. Which is actually pretty cheap. But to answer your question, I would suppose as long as you don’t keep your heater up to like 80 you should have a bill less than $100 p/mo.

Robert asks…

Where’s the best place in the Denver area for a young family to live?

I’m in my early twenties and looking to move to the Denver area. I want to go somewhere with a great school system that’s close enough to the metro area for me to commute. I’d say 30 miles or less. It would be great to find a place that’s close to the mountains! Yea! It needs to be a safe and friendly place for my wife and kids to walk to the store and stuff. A hockey rink close by would be nice. I’d be looking for a decent house in a nice neighborhood with a yard and 3-4 bedrooms in the price range of $150 to $250k.

Administrator answers:

I live in Historic Montclair and for raising kids and having the appearance of suburbia, but within distance of everything I love about urban Denver, it is a great location.
If you prefer shiney and new – Lowry is directly across the street with all your standard strip mall chains (ie Starbucks, Qdoba, Albertsons, etc) but there are some local small business owners mixed in (Urban Harvest, Chewy’s Bonetique, Studio Bini and Timbuk Toys).
Just North is Park Hill which is just a brilliant blend of historic Denver, and just South is Crestmoor/ Hilltop for a more highend (yet elderly) lifestyle.
But I have to say, my favorite neighborhood in Denver is the area between Speer and Colorado bordered by 6th Ave – this encompasses a few different neighborhoods but the housing is mixed, the people are cool, and I love all the new restaurants on 6th Ave. This area is quickly becoming one of my favorites for “value within walking distance”. The commute downtown, DTC or anywhere else hip and fun is also just a 5-10 minute car ride.
“I’m in love with my city”
for rent an apartment or home I found the best options here:

Good luck!

Carol asks…

Where to rent an apartment in Denver for under $650?

I would love to be as close to downtown as possible. I would like to be close to public transportation. But I am also looking for a safe neighborhood and a safe apartment complex. Which neighborhoods should I look at for a 1 bedroom apartment for under $650?

Administrator answers:

Rents in Denver are high, but check out might find something there

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