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Your Questions About One Bedroom Apartments Denver

May 22, 2012

Donna asks…

What movers should use to move from Chicago to Denver?

We live in a one-bedroom apartment in Evanston, IL, and are planning to move to Denver. Anyone recommend a good (reliable, but not too expensive) moving company to use?

Administrator answers:

Well you can find a few on but what ever company you choose check them out on the “check your company” page at

Have a safe move,

Jenny asks…

Is this really a terrible idea?

My near life-long best friend is a guy, we’ve known each other and been friends since second grade. Neither one of us have ever had any romantic/sexual/etc. interest in the other, we’ve just been best friends our whole lives. Anyway, we both want to move to Colorado after graduation this May. We’ve found a two bedroom apartment in Denver and are going to share it. His parents and my parents are fine with it, especially due to the fact that we’re not moving to a strange city into our own apartment or in with a stranger right away. Some of our friends, but not most are saying its a terrible idea.

Administrator answers:

I wouldn’t say its terrible, but there is a possibility that feelings could come into play. I think that if you trust him & he trusts you, then you should go for it cause you have nothing to worry about no one knows you better than yourself remember that. I hope this helps much love <3 Claire

Donald asks…

Apartments in Denver, Aurora, Centennial, Highlands Ranch, Colorado?

So me and two of my roommates are trying to find a nice 3 bedroom at least 2 bathroom apartment that includes a washer and dryer and accepts pets, that is as far as Denver, one of my roommate would like to live further south (towards highlands ranch) We are all trying to save money cause we’re in rough spots financially, as everyone is….so we don’t want an apt over about $1000/mo I would say. Does anyone know of any apts like this?? Worse comes to worse, we could rent for 1,100 but that’s pretty much what we pay now and we want to go cheaper.
ANY information would be awesome, as this is VERY frustrating!!!!

Thank you :)

Administrator answers:

The best rentals have a For Rent sign in the window and no advertising. They owners don’t even know what is. So you have to do some cruising around the neighborhoods you like.
Otherwise you use the classified ads.
Ask a local realty agent if she will email you upcoming rentals. If she is helpful , take her out to lunch as a treat..

Richard asks…

Do you know of any affortable high rise apartments in downtown Denver?

It can be a studio or one bedroom. And please in a safe area. :) thanks!

Administrator answers:

Nope… High rise apartments are pretty expensive in Downtown Denver.

Sandy asks…

Where’s a good place to move at in or around Denver?

I am 22 and currently live in Amarillo, TX. And I need a change, my dad was from Denver don’t know where, but he says it was very beautiful, always stuff to do, and many jobs. I am curious on where to move to. I’m looking for a place that’s got a decent crime rate, that’s not to far from most business. I would like to find a bigger suburb so I don’t have to go into Denver to get a good meal and so I can maybe find a job outside of the city, but on the same time, I will be starting over so money is a major factor looking for a one bedroom apartment or studio in the 450-575 range…..Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also is Denver and its suburbs a nice place to move to? Are the people friendly? Are there a lot of job opportunities? Thanks again people.

Administrator answers:

How about Fort Collins Co?? (about an hour north of Denver) It was voted a year ago as the number one place to live in America!! The crime rate is low, and its quite a self sufficient town of about 165,000. Its also a college town so rent is very very reasonable due to the college students living there. Tons of stuff to do! Summer’s have plenty-o fests and fun things to do! Not to mention it has a cool downtown for neat place’s to eat. And you can boogie down to Denver in less then an hour to catch a Rockies game!! Do some research with the job market as far as your career. I moved from Minnesota 3 years ago and I am not looking to leave, thats for sure! Good luck!

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