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Your Questions About One Bedroom Apartments Denver

July 21, 2013

Chris asks…

How do illegal mexicans manage to rent apartments?

I live in an apartment complex that is filled with illegal mexicans. My neighbors on either side ran from Arizona when AZ was talking about cracking down on illegals. They moved to Denver and had no problems renting here. Is it legal to rent apartments to illegals? The leasing staff is almost all mexican, as well. Its like they cater to mexicans.

Administrator answers:

If they are renting to illegals, they do so without running a credit check, do not run an employment check, they are renting out to high risk tenants, who may pay this month or who may skip town and go else where.Landlords who do not require any information also are the same ones who also say we do not care who lives here. In Houston one apt had over 21 people illegally in the country,living in a 2 bedroom .Illegals will bring in roommates, they do not follow rules about where in the lease it states only those on the lease can live there, they have more cars than parking spaces.When they rent to anybody no questions asked, this is how criminals end up in living in their apt’s.

Maria asks…

What are some of the good apartment complexes to live in Denver?

Rent up to 750$, cheaper the better, need parking, not very far from the downtown zip 80202, preferably not flats, basically a decent place for a college student. Have a car so transportation is not a problem but still would like it close to downtown. Has to have 2 bedrooms. I have checked in, and have many lists of name but I would like to get feedback from someone who might actually live there or feedback from your friends or family. Please HELP. Moving to Denver pretty soon and I would like all the help possible to know what are the good places to live and good communities around and please tell me what areas or complexes in Denver to avoid. Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

My boyfriend lived the the ballpark lofts and had a good time. Any of the apartment complexes around coors field are nice.

Ruth asks…

What Colorado city is a good place to move to?

I was thinking Denver or Colorado Springs, but I don’t know much of either place. I’m starting my research today! How are the people, the weather, the job situations? Other nice cities to move to in Colorado?

Administrator answers:

Colorado Springs is too conservative for me. Boulder, CO is a better option. There is more opportunities in Denver since its a larger city and the cost of living in very reasonable, I saw a really nice 1 bedroom modern apartment renting for 750 a month 5 miles away from the central business district. I wish I could pay that much instead of 1250 dollars for an old ugly one bedroom apartment in a not so nice neighborhood in Honolulu.

Helen asks…

Where should a single guy rent within 2 miles of downtown Denver?

Is there a safe neighborhood with rents for either 1 bedroom or studio at around $1,000? Is LoDo the best choice?

Administrator answers:

$1,000 goes a long way in the Denver rental market. You should be able to find a nice 1BR unit in an apartment complex with amenities (pool/gym, etc) in either Lodo, Ball Park or River Front. The above mentioned neighborhoods are great if you like trendy places and being able to walk to the Lodo bars which are the rowdiest in Denver.

If you are more into dive bars and good places for young people that aren’t as trendy/overpriced as Lodo, you should consider Uptown or Capital Hill. They are both less than 2 miles from downtown and a 1BR unit will cost between $600-$800 for a decent place. It’s a good alternative to Lodo if you would prefer not to piss money away on rent and don’t need to be in the most trendy neighborhood.

All neighborhoods near downtown are safe. People may try and tell you otherwise, but they are just people from the suburbs who watch too much Fox News and think it’s unsafe because there are minorities present. I’m a skinny/non-intimidating white professional and I would feel safe living in any of the above mentioned neighborhoods.

Charles asks…

What is the cost of living in Colorado?

My partner and I are looking to relocate to Denver or Grand Junction, Colorado and we are currently checking out how we can expect to be living. Can you please let me know what the different utilities are and the average costs etc…? Any other information that you feel is relevant will be gratefully received.

Thank you…

Administrator answers:

I LOVE Denver. Lived in Colorado for 20 years. Costs for me (and it TOTALLY depends if you want to be in the city or outskirts):

2 bedroom apartment, aprox 950 sq feet, outskirts (with washer/dryer IN suite, fireplace, community workout room & pool/hot tub):$800/mo

Utilities for that: $50-100 mo (depending on heat/AC)

And trash, water, sewer were included.

Thats the most recent I have encountered that I can share. Good luck.

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