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Your Questions About Please Can I Have A Beer In Spanish

August 25, 2013

Charles asks…

advise please help me out on this?

Well i have a crush on my neighbor and it is weird because im 15 and hes 22. Let me tell u the whole story so like my 2 friends came over and we didnt have anything to do and we waited until like 7pm and me and one of my friend’s we were like passing by to see if they say anything and then i told my friend ask them if they know english and they said no so i told them in spanish if they have any beer to give us and they actually give us like 3 then we came back for more and they said they didnt have any. the ask me if i have a boyfriend and i said yes and they said thats bad luck (in spanish) and the guy that i have a crush on took us to the store and i got of with him and them he drop us off and temn we came back for more and thats when i was a bit tipsy and then i sat next to my crush and i said to myself im cold and i guess he understand me i tthought he only knows spanish then he let me borrow es sweater and i was lean on his shoulder than ever since that day when im outside hes looks at me alot then last week me and my friends needed a ride to taco bell and we ask his brother for a ride and over there and needed a ride back with sum guys and he said he only wants to drop us off not take us back cause my guy friends wanted a ride bakc but e doesnt want to take them so then my friend was saying that when i was talking to him he kept looking at me and licking his lips then every since both of them just look at me and smile and stare i want him but age doesnt matter to me at all so i want to tell im i like him how can i do that no stupid answers best answer ten points

Administrator answers:

Well, go out with him if you really like him… But make sure he’s not gonna use you or sleep with you and then throw you out.
PS if you wrote properly without any “like”s and “and”s and if you used punctuation and caps, you would probably have more answers. Cos reading throught that was reaaaaally boring.

Paul asks…

Least touristy places to escape in Puerto Rico in Fall?

Please only answer if you have an extensive amount af knowledge and experience in Puerto Rico. Visiting via cruise ship does not give you credibility to answer. I‘m looking for a place with nice secluded beaches and wonderful ocean views. I want to get a taste of the native life and culture of Puerto Rico as I know much of the island can be “americanized” and that is the last thing I want. I‘m looking to spend time on the beach during the day and night (safety is important), have a beer or two, horse back ride, explore the jungle, wonder into local villages/towns,and taste good authentic cuisine. I want to really exercise my spanish as well. Please point me in the direction opposite of all the tourists :)

Thank you!

Administrator answers:

I lived in PR for 3 years when I first moved to the Caribbean. I lived in San Juan for a year but I moved on my boat in Sunbay Marina in Fajardo and lived there for 2 years. I am not a surfer so I don’t care that much for the West coast of PR.. My favorite part is on the East coast down and around to Ponce. Salinas used to have one of the best small marinas but that got wiped out by an hurricane

Susan asks…

Would I Be Considered Good Dating or Marriage Material? If not Please Tell Me Why? I really need advice?

hey, I‘m just wondering, I‘ve had some trouble in the past regarding relationships, and I‘d like to get a fresh opinion on the matter from strangers on a website I guess. Well I‘m gonna list some things about myself and just please give me an honest opinion about things you regard as positive and if you are a woman if you would date me or not, I know it seems a little strange, but women seem to get put off quite a bit by me and my lifestyle so I thought maybe I could get some good advice here.

1. I‘m 32 years old, 5-11, weigh 174 pounds, have long brown hair, brown eyes, short beard and mustache, pretty athletic physique.
2. I graduated high school but never went to college, my parents wanted me to and wanted for me to end up becoming a lawyer or a doctor but I never really had any interest in that so I went my own way, I lived with my parents for a bit and then stopped taking their money and got a job so theyd stop controlling me.
3. This is a little strange, but I live on a boat. Not at sea or anything, at a marina and it’s really more of a small yacht, it has 3 rooms (1 medium and 2 very small), a small kitchen, a small living room, 2 toilets, 1 bath. So I don’t really have a house, but I‘m quite happy living on my boat, it’s completely mine, I bought it 4 years ago after living in a horrific apartment for so long. I just thought it would be more fun living on a boat. It was very expensive but in my opinion worth it, I couldn’t bare to live anywhere else. Besides I‘ve met some really cool people because of it.
4. I‘m pretty much independent when it comes to jobs and I work in several different things, I work construction, carpet cleaning, roofing, I used to be a bartender and work in a factory, and mostly nowadays I‘m an interpreter. (I speak English and Spanish)
5. I live pretty comfortably, I make from 30,000 to 70,000 a year, I don’t work all the time and pretty much set my own schedule. I don’t really have expensive tastes, I‘m a pretty simple guy, but occasionally when I need money I sometimes borrow money from my sister.
6. I really enjoy going to clubs and bars to try to meet girls, I used to enjoy just having one night stands but recently I kinda want something more meaningful.
7. I have a very minor criminal record for- 2 Charges of Drunk and Disorderly, Disturbing the Peace, Public Intoxication, Possesion of Weed.
8. My hobbies are- Relaxing on my boat, watching TV, playing video games, cooking, hanging out with friends, going to bars, drinking beer, working out, smoking cigars (I also smoke cigarettes).
9. I don’t really have many aspirations in life, I mean I just enjoy being independent and working and I don’t really have many dreams, frankly I just enjoy getting by and relaxing, but I get very lonely sometimes and get depressed.
10. Sometimes women seem to think that I‘m rich when I show them my boat, but when they realize that it is NOT a pleasure vessel but my home they seem disappointed, and I have an old but reliable car thats about 10 years old lol, I can afford a new one but I don’t see the need, I mean it gets me where I wanna go.
11. In the past some people have called me a loser, bum, alcoholic, etc. because of how I live.
12. Things that interest me in women are- open personality, smart, funny, outgoing, spontanious, mellow attitude, good body, pretty.

So based on the above, would I be considered good dating material to you or not? If not would you please tell me what I could change.
@John- what is “urps”? what are you talking about?

Administrator answers:

Wyatt . . Did ya ever settle that “thing” with the Urps . . . . That could be a factor … Ladies like to survive a date.

Mary asks…

please help me with this test already have the answers just want to see if they are right thank you?

1. If wine that’s stored in barrels after fermentation is exposed to
too much air, this could turn the wine into
A. yeast
B. sugar
C. water.
D. vinegar.

2. When serving wines, it’s best to use a
A. large-stemmed glass filled a little more than halfway.
B. small tumbler filled a little more than halfway.
C. small-footed glass filled to the brim.
D. large mug filled to the brim.

3. When opening a bottle of champagne, you should always
untwist the wire hook, remove the wire and foil, and then
A. push the cork slowly upward.
B. grip the cork firmly while holding the bottle at a 45-degree
C. twist the cork slowly and loosen the cork.
D. use a corkscrew to remove the cork.

4. What kind of wines is Portugal most famous for?
A. Riesling
B. Bordeaux
C. Port
D. Brut

5. If you’re looking for a light, versatile, red wine to serve with a simple pasta with basil and
tomatoes, a good choice would be
A. Pinot Grigio
B. Cabernet Savignon
C. Chianti
D. Savignon Blanc.

6. Which of the following were the first people to make wine?
A. Egyptians
B. Pilgrims
C. Mesopotamians
D. Monks

7. Sapana and Jim are discussing American beer. Sapana says that most American beers
are of the bock beer type. Jim disagrees and says that most American beers are of the
lager type.Who is correct?
A. Sapana is correct.
B. Jim is correct.
C. Both Sapana and Jim are correct.
D. Neither Sapana nor Jim is correct.

8. The earliest historical records we have show that beer was first brewed by the
A. Egyptians
B. Irish
C. monks in the Middle Ages
D. Sumerians.

9. Which of the following is the fermenting agent that converts the wort into beer?
A. Yeast
B. Malt
C. Water
D. Hops

10. Dom Perignon is named after a/an
A. Spanish conquistador
B. Benedictine monk
C. German archbishop
D. Italian nobleman.

11. When beer is made, the starch in the barley is
A. roasted, then mashed and fermented.
B. converted directly into alcohol.
C. converted to sugar, then fermented into alcohol.
D. hulled, then dried in the sun in barrels.

12. Kameela says that a good choice of wine to pair with cheese is a Zinfandel. Annette says
that a better choice to pair with cheese is Pinot Noir.Who is correct?
A. Kameela is correct
B. Annette is correct
C. Both women are correct.
D. Neither woman is correct.

13. A five-ounce glass of red wine has the same alcoholic content as
A. 24 ounces of beer.
B. 2.5 ounces of 80-proof distilled spirits.
C. 2.5 ounces of 80-proof distilled spirits in a cocktail.
D. 5 ounces of white wine.

14. Table wines have an alcoholic range of _______ percent.
A. 6 to 12
B. 8.5 to 17
C. 10 to 20
D. 11 to 13

15. Which of the following is an example of a clear spirit?
A. Rum
B. Kahlua
C. Scotch
D. Sake

16. Wine bottles are stored tilted downward so that
A. sediment can collect toward the bottom of the bottle.
B. the maximum number of bottles can be stored together.
C. the bottles will retain the ideal serving temperature.
D. the corks are in contact with the wine and won’t dry out.

17. Jameal and Kareem are discussing alcoholic beverages to accompany an event. Jameal
says ale is milder than beer. Kareem says ale is more bitter than beer.Who is correct?
A. Jameal is correct
B. Kareem is correct
C. Both men are correct.
D. Neither man is correct.

18. What is the optimal level of humidity for storing wine?
A. 10 percent
B. 20 percent
C. 50 percent
D. 70 percent

19. What’s the difference between brandy and whiskey?
A. Whiskey and brandy have different alcohol contents.
B. Whiskey is distilled; brandy isn’t.
C. Brandy comes from France; whiskey comes from Scotland.
D. Whiskey is distilled from grain; brandy is distilled from grapes.

20. Which of the following would help to sober a person after drinking several glasses of wine?
A. A steaming hot cup of coffee
B. A cold shower
C. A large meal
D. Time

i already have the test answered but i want to make sure my answers are right! so if you would please tell me what ones are wrong and what ones are right and if you could give me a idea of the answers for the wrong ones thank you( this is for My high school test for me to graduate from Pennfoster online high school) this is my last test and im going to be a high school graduate at 17! these are my answers
(1.D 2.A 3.D 4.B 5.B 6.D 7.C 8.B 9.A 10.D 11.C 12.A 13.D 14.A 15.A 16.D 17. C 18.B 19.A 20.A

Administrator answers:

Why is your school teaching you all about liquor? This is like the test my aunt had to take before she started working at a bar.

Jenny asks…

english to spanish translation!?

oK Inna I have another one for you to translate for me. Its a response to the one you rencently tranlated for me. By the way Add me on msn messenger we might as well be friends since your becoming my personal translator. Anyways thanks for everything. Here it goes im gonna keep it short. My addy is

Dear Elier/ Dayana

I Seen the picture of Dayana and I have to admit shes a hot girll. What Favor does she ask of me, If I can I will do it for her. Please try to get that ring back it has sentimental value. I will not be staying at Tuxpan its going to be a different hotel I will find out by tommorow and I will let you know. You still havent told me what you want me to bring you back from Canada. I want to rent out a bar for one night so we can have a party, find out if thats going to be possible. This time I am bringing my girlfriend and my ex girlfriends daughter. I consider her my daughter since I raised her from when she was a little girll and her mother passed away last year. Shes turning 17 so I am taking her to cuba to celebrate. I will be coming back with the girll that likes you a few month after that. Did you see the picture I sent you of her. Tell Dayana she better show me a good time or else I wont be coming back. Or if she would rather me bring back the guy she spent a romantic night with, kissing without breathing. HAHAHA. I Cant wait to get there . I actually miss the beer Crystal. Thats one great beer. Check out some of these pictures I have included in the email. Oh by the way start emailing me to this adress its… My friend INNA is doing a great job translating your emails for me. Hows the weathert over there, I heard its hurricane season and its raining allot? Keep me posted.


Administrator answers:

Querido Elier/ Dayana,

Vi la foto de Dayana y tengo que admitir que es una chica muy guapa. Que favor me esta pidiendo, si puedo lo hago. Porfavor trata de conseguir el anillo tiene un valor sentimental para mi. No me hospedare en el Tuxpan, sera en un hotel diferente, averiguo mañana en cual y les digo. Todavia no me has dicho lo que queres que te traiga de Canada. Quiero alquilar un bar por una noche, para que tengamos una fiesta, averigua por mi si eso es posible. Esta vez voy a traer a mi novia y a la hija de mi ex-novia. La considero mi hija porque la crie desde que era pequeña y su madre fallecio el año pasado. Ella cumple 17 y quiero llevarla a Cuba para celebrar. Luego volvere unos meses despues con la chica que gusta de ti. Viste la foto que te envie de ella? Dile a Dayana que mejor me haga pasar un buen rato porque si no, no volvere. O si preferiria que yo trajera el tipo con el que paso una noche romantica, besando sin respirar, JAJAJA. No puedo esperar para llegar ahi. Realmente extraño la cerveza Crystal. Es una gran cerveza. Miren algunas de estas otras fotos que inclui en el correo. Ah y por cierto queria avisarles que me respondan a este correo, es: . Mi amiga INNA esta haciendo un gran trabajo, traduciendo todas estas cartas para mi. Como esta el tiempo por ahi? Oi que era temporada de huracanes. Llueve mucho? Bueno mantenganme informado.


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