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Your Questions About Please Can I Have In German

August 3, 2013

Mary asks…

Can anyone translate this to German please?

Worried? Let Hitler take care of your child’s future!

No Internet translations please. Would like someone Native or Fluent. ;D

*Just so you know, I in no way agree with what Hitler did, it’s just we are doing Propaganda, and have to design a Nazi election poster. I thought I would get a better mark if it was German ;D

Administrator answers:

Beunruhigt? Lassen Sie Hitler auf die Zukunft Ihres Kindes aufpassen!

Donald asks…

There is a nice song that I like which I hope to be translated in German. Please translate it in German Bitte?

Maybe you will marry, maybe you would not. Maybe you will have children, maybe you would not. Maybe you will divorce at 40. maybe you will dance the funcky chicken on your 75th wedding anniversary. Whatever you do – do not congratulate yourself too much or berate yourself either – your choices are half chance, so are everbody else.

Enjoy your body,use it every way you can.. do not be afraid of it, or what other people think of it.. it is the greatest instrument you will ever own.

Dance.. even if you have nowhere to do it but in your own living room.

Read the directions, even if you do not follow them.

Do not read beauty magazines they will only make you feel ugly.

Get to know your parens, you never know when they might be gone for good. Be nice to your siblings; They are your best link to your past, and the people most likely to stick with you in the future.

Administrator answers:

Vielleicht wirst du heiraten, vielleicht auch nicht. Vielleicht wirst du Kinder haben, vielleicht auch nicht. Vielleicht lässt du dich mit 40 scheiden. Vielleicht tanzt du an deinem 75. Hochzeitstag den Ententanz. Was auch immer du tust – gratuliere dir – oder schelte dich nicht zu viel.
Not sure:
Deine Wahlen sind halbe Chancen, so wie alle anderen auch (???).
Nutze deinen Körper, nutze ihn auf alle erdenklichen Arten … Habe keine Angst davor, oder davor was andere Menschen darüber denken. Er ist das beste Instrument, das du jemals besitzen wirst.
Tanze … Selbst wenn du es nirgendwo tun kannst als in deinem eigenen Wohnzimmer.
Lies die Anleitungen, auch wenn du sie nicht befolgst.
Lies keine Mode-Magazine (or Beauty-Magazine you can also say this in German), sie machen nur, dass du dich hässlich fühlst.
Lerne deine Eltern kennen (if you mean parents), sie könnten schon morgen tot sein /or sie könnten schneller nicht mehr da sein, als du vielleicht heute denkst (free translation). Sei nett zu deinen Geschwistern. Sie sind deine beste Verbindung zu deiner Vergangenheit und wahrscheinlich die Personen, an die du in der Zukunft am ehesten halten wirst.

John asks…

Could someone translate this into german please?

No Google or online translators please

My current school is big and has loads of separate buildings, It has a brand new cafeteria and gymnasium and is getting a new science department. Although there have been some improvements most of the school is run-down and dirty because the school is very old. It is an all boys school which is good because there aren’t as many distractions, but the atmosphere can sometimes be very unpleasant because of immature students.

In my opinion my primary school was boring, We had to sing hymns every morning which was very boring because it was a church of England school. Most of the teachers were nice but some were very annoying and strict

In my ideal school, I wish the School day would start earlier, and finish earlier, so we could have more time do to social activities after school, Also longer breaks and more interesting after school activities like astronomy or debating, Lessons should be more interesting because students would learn more.

At my dream school the teachers would be funny, smart and be very interesting because then the lessons would be more engaging, They would be strict but fair so there would be no distractions. There would be no uniform, all students would wear suits because the boys/girls would look smart.

The school would have lots of computer rooms,a good library and sports centre, The science labs must have new equipment,the music block will have new instruments because playing an instrument encourages creativity

After my exams I want go on holiday with my friends to a hot country, afterwards I would like to do my a levels at another school because I want to meet new people and have new challenges, I would like to go to university to study engineering and hopefully become a scientist,

Administrator answers:

Not your homework service.

Nancy asks…

Help me on my plan of learning German please?

I have school so yeah,I‘m only able to learn German after school and on Weekends. If I give let’s say +60-90 minutes each day in the week and +90 minutes on the weekend days will I be able to grasp German? I‘m fully determined and I can speak English and Afrikaans which is both Germanic languages,and I learned English within 2 months :) thanks I‘m 14, I‘m not from the US or the UK

Administrator answers:

I think you can do it. I recommend at least an hour a day, but of course the more time you can spend the better.

Maria asks…

how do you say this in german? please natural german not internet site translators?

my order 028-6079842-2321933 has not arrived, it is now 10 days.
Where they sent together?
Is there a parcel tracker?
can you send items out again as I think they are lost or returning to you?


Administrator answers:

Meine Bestellung mit der Nummer 028-6079842-2321933 ist auch nach 10 Tagen noch nicht eingetroffen.
Wurden die Artikel zusammen versendet?
Gibt es eine Möglichkeit, das Paket zu verfolgen?
Könnten Sie die Artikel noch einmal verschicken, da ich glaube, dass sie entweder verloren gingen oder an Sie zurück gesendet wurden?

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