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Your Questions About Please Can I Have In Italian

May 24, 2013

Carol asks…

Can someone translate this into Italian please?

Can someone translate this into Italian
I need to translate the story of, the boy who cried
but online translator aren’t very reliable

A boy, who watched a group of sheep near a village, brought out the villagers by crying out, “Wolf! Wolf!” and when his neighbors came to help him, he laughed at them for their pains. The Wolf, however, did truly come at last. The boy shouted in fear: “Help me; the Wolf is killing the sheep!”; but no one paid any attention to his cries.The Wolf, having caused no fear, killed all the sheep.

Moral: There is no believing a liar, even when he speaks the truth.

Administrator answers:

Un ragazzo, che faceva pascolare un gregge di pecore vicino ad un paese, fece uscir di casa gli abitanti gridando “al lupo! Al lupo!” e quando i suoi vicini accorsero per aiutarlo, lui si prese gioco della loro preoccupazione. Ad ogni modo, il lupo alla fine venne davvero. Il ragazzo gridò impaurito “aiutatemi! Il lupo sta mangiando le mie pecore!” ma nessuno prestò attenzione alle sue grida. Il lupo, non avendo impaurito nessuno, uccise tutte le pecore.

Morale: un bugiardo non viene creduto, neppure quando dice la verità.

The first answer is written correctly too but it’s a free translation.

Linda asks…

If you are NOT ITALIAN, please explain why you would EVER support Guiliani?

Most of his supporters that I know are Italian and it is that Italian thing. OK. I understand ethnic loyalty. But what does he have to offer?

I can‘t see him taking on Putin except in a brawl and as Guilianai walked out to the alley to fight, Putin would simply push a button and blow up New York.. Well, you know what I mean. Even Putin has more class and is more Presidential. I am really interested in understanding this.


Administrator answers:

Maybe since Putin cant fight he needs to blow things up…

Helen asks…

I need A Romantic Saying In ITALIAN Please Help?

Now me and my girlfriend have been together for 8 days now, and I want something romantic to say too her in Italian. I want something that is professional but yet comes from the heart, or something that tells Her I really care, I tend too call her Princess, since she loves it when I call her that, so if somehow The Saying can contain Princess?
And the English Translation? Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Principessa, mia principessa
io non ho collane, nè bijoux *
ma nel mio cuore
ho l’oro che stai cercando tu
Princess, my princess
I’ve neither necklaces or jewels
but inside my heart
I’ve the gold that you’re looking for.
* “bijoux” it’s a French word but widely used in Italy to mean jewels.- It was necessary for the rhyme :-)

If you prefer something shorter and easier to pronounce you could go with “Principessa, sei il mio tesoro” = “Princess, you’re my treasure”.
In Italian tesoro means treasure but it’s also a very common endearment term same as darling in English

Donna asks…

Can you translate this into italian please?

im 14 years old and i live in the best place in the world – denver, colorado. half of my family is from livorno, italy. the other half is from ethiopia. i have the greatest friends anyone could really ask for. youll know when you find us because were the ones who laugh the loudest!
i try to learn from mistakes ive made in the past, enjoy the present, and prepair myself for the future.

Administrator answers:

just incase u wanna translate other things.

Jenny asks…

How do I say this in italian please? not google translate answers please?

as for objectivity. I respect every club in the world including Inter. But I do not have respect for cheats, thieves, a club who even today influences referees. We dominated the entire game in the first 90 mins. possession can clearly show this. we beat them in the san siro, but the turin mafia managed to blind the referee. That club and its horrible coach are a disgrace to themselves. but….in the end, the best team always wins the trophies.

Administrator answers:

Since I’m Italian I could translate it but I won’t (: first of all mafia?! Wtf turin is in the north and there is mafia just in Sicilia! Second thing you don’t even know what mafia is, football isn’t their business ! And third I’m sorry if I’ve not been friendly but ” Che cazzo ,hai sparato minchiate”

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