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April 25, 2013

Carol asks…

Can someone please give me some cute cheers for basketball?

I need some cute cheers for our next basketball game. Can you guys please help me? We have some already but we need more. Please post some cheers or videos for cheers. Please, if you can‘t help me don’t post a comment. Thanks so much!

Administrator answers:


Susan asks…

Poll~ What was that….& can I have some more please?

Administrator answers:

That is called a multiple big O…you can only have some more if you ask really nice.

Mary asks…

can some please tell me more information on the riot of chino state prison?

i have a brother going there his name is jesus sepulveda please tell me if hes ok

Administrator answers:

200 inmates involved/5 injured
Stab wounds/slashes/head trauma – some life threatening
Medium Security Reception Wing Facility

Don’t know about Jesus – you’ll have to call the prison

Linda asks…

Can you please share some tips to be more confident next time?

I choose this category because here are more mature people/answers than in the singles category. So please do not yell at me.

Today I had the chance to introduce myself to the woman I like because she was all alone waiting… and I didn’t do it because I thought she was waiting a guy… but she was waiting for a girl. Now I regret I didn’t talked to her… next time I want to do it… please give me some tips to be more confident! I‘d like to know her better.

Administrator answers:

How about hello, how are you?and start up a conversation

Joseph asks…

Can you please rate some more girls names and tell me what you think of this boys name?

My husband already chose the boys name (the first name after himself). It’s name Lorenzo Darrien Lara. What do you think? We don’t know what we’re having – due in May. Please rate these girls names 1-10. It will really help. Thanks in advance!

Serena Renee Lara
Lilliana Nicole
Reyna Jade
Reya Jade
Amaya Nicole
Adiella Nicole
Eliana Renee

Administrator answers:

The boys name is good you could call him lorenzo or darrien .
Serena renee lara -6
lilliana nicole lara -5
reyna jade lara-5
reya jade lara – 1
amaya nicolel lara- 2
adiella nicole lara – 2
eliana renee lara-2
Serena jade lara
serena nichole lara -10 i really like this one i really like serena good luck let us know what you decide…..

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