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July 12, 2013

Mandy asks…

So here is some more info please let me know if evening without a outbreak how can u tell u have herpes?

Ok from reading ur replies here is some more info. My cuts look like tiny paper cuts nothing draining from them no discharge or burning when peeing. No hard bumps either. The doctor said he was going to test it but gave me medicine to treat it. I‘m looking for hope that its not herpes.

Administrator answers:

Go to doctor and get tested

Jenny asks…

what do you think of my dancing poem i had to write.. and i need ideas for some more please..?

i have to write about something that i love and is really passionate about for this homework thing i chose dance. cause im Absolutely love with it and this is what i have so far..

d a n c e . .??
its literally my everything. all my thoughts and everything revolve around it. the reason why i get up. and get through the day so easily cause i know its 1 day closer to class. or when im bored or get handed a test im always first to finish. so i can sit there and just go through the moves in my head. but when im there. i get all depressed again cause i know times gonna go fast. and il be finish soon. then when i am. all i wanna do is sit there and wait for my next class.. if i had to drop my dancing. i would most probably drop school. cause what else would i be living for?

i need MORE. what are some other things i could say about it. please help me.. and odes it sound okay?

Administrator answers:

It sounds awesome! After that you could perhaps add in:

“Dance is my life, my hopes and my dreams. Dance is my hobby, my passion and my career. Dance is my past, my present and my future. Dance … It’s literally my everything.”

To make it poetic I put the first line of your poem into the last sentence. I hope you like it, and hopefully it sounds good enough! So far I think it’s brilliant! Well done.

Ken asks…

Ello, I really luv using the computer and i want to know a few more sites, please write some replys, thanks!?

Hey Guys and Gals,
can u please pop some ideas down like websites for teens, it will be cool if there are a few websites on magazines and stuff like that.
PLease dont write clubpenguin or runescape cause i have already got those,

Administrator answers:

Hmm ok well theres,,,, you dont load and software programs stuf u want from microsoft office2009 to antiviruses and movie or games u just need to have a torrent like utorrent or bittorrent once u download it just go to site and download the torrent the the program gets it for u, takes a while though) and the last to are all u really need though just search for watever ur looking for in there.

Mary asks…

Can someone please write some more algebra problems for me similar to this/give me websites??

I‘m studying for a test (i‘m in grade 9) and I have some problems but I would like a few more of them for practice. So could you please either direct me to websites which may help or write some yourself. Here are the ones I already have so similiar to this would be good….

1. A, B,C,D and E are all shops.
The distance from A to B is x kilometres.
The distance from B to C is 2y kilometres
The distance from C to D is y kilometres
The distance from D to E is 2x kilometres
and he distance from E back to A is x

Given that y=2 kilometres and that the distance from A to B to C to D is the same as the distance for A to E to D. Find the value of x kilometres and hance the distance around all the shops.

2.The sum of 3 consectuive numbers is 72. Write a mathematical equation to express this and solve it to find 3 consecutive numbers.

3. The cost of hireing a car from Rent-a-Rocket Rentals depends on the number of days and the number of kilometres travelled. The rates are $45 Per day and 75c/km. The cost ($C) of hiring a car for ‘d’ days and for travelling ‘k’ kilometres can be calculated using the formula- C= 45d+0.75k. Find the cost of hiring a car for 3 days and travelling 580km.

Thanks so much in advance!

Administrator answers:

I have a question..

A mother gave birth to a child in 1987 when she was 27. How long, in years, will the total of the mother’s age and her child’s age become 300% of the mother’s age at 1987?

Give me ten pts….? :D

Joseph asks…

Help please! I have asked this question before but would like to hear some more advice please!?

My Boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years now. I am 20 and he is 27. He has been on anti depressants for most of this time. But for almost 5 months now we haven’t had sex cause he says he don’t feel like it and can‘t get in the mood, which is a side effect from Paxil. But why would it just start like that the last 5 months, and not do that before. And I catch him masterbating, So he has to be in the mood for something. And I have never turned him down for sex, usually I start it. I‘m so confused it just all doesn’t make since, please if anyone has gone through this , please offer some advice. Thanks for listening!

And I have tryed to talk to him but he is one that doesn’t open up easy and he just keeps denying the masterbating, and says that he just don’t “feel” like doing anything.
I have tryed doing other stuff for him or try to get him to do stuff for me other than intercourse and he won’t do that either. My hardest thing is how can he not be in the mood if he is still masterbating!
He really has never been a real affectionate person, it’s always been me who was the affectionate one, as far as huggging and kissing. But he won’t push me away if i try to hug or kiss him.

Administrator answers:

A marriage vow usually includes the phrase “for better or worse…….in sickness and in health”…….but a 2 year relationship is not marriage. It is a trial balloon, so to speak.

I think you’ve learned enough about this man and his ability to be an open, willing, loving and stable partner. He is challenged in many ways and YOUR life will always depend on HIS medicine, mood and whatever frame-of-mind he decides to wear each day.

You seem to be a sensitive friend……… make your choices and consider cutting your losses.

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