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December 8, 2012

Carol asks…

Please name some more movies with the same kind of animation like Shrek?

My daughter loves the Shrek movies and Despicable Me. Can you please give me some more suggestions for movies that have that same kind of animation? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Shrek was made by DreamWorks animation, but I usually prefer Pixar’s movies; however, both are great! Here’s some movies from both…


Toy Story (1,2, and 3)
Monster, Inc.
The Incredibles
A Bug’s Life
Finding Nemo


Kung Fu Panda
Bee Movie
Shark Tale

Umm, that’s all I can think of off the top of my head, but hope this heps!

Sandra asks…

Can I please get some more help with another angular diameter question?

A marble has a diameter of 2 cm. At what distance would the marble have an angular diameter of 1 arc second?

Administrator answers:

1 arc minute = 60 arc seconds
1 arc degree = 60 arc minutes = 3600 arc seconds
1 circumference = 360 degrees = 1296000 arc seconds

So if we put 1,296,000 of those marbles touching each other around a big circle, then from the centre of that circle, each one of them will have an angular diameter of 1 arc second.

1,296,000 * 2 cm = 2,592,000 cm = 25,920 metres = 25.92 kilometres circumference, divide by (2 pi) to get a radius of 4.125 km. That’s the answer.

Susan asks…

Can someone please post some more information on this guy with a link to it? i want to be sure that its not bull $HIT and if it is please tell me.. note he only sleeps twice a week and lives off like honestly 90 vitamins a day and has a vitamin shake that he drinks like crazy… please post something and make sure its him look at the pic

Administrator answers:

I did a Google search of his name, and only a few results came up. Most of those you can eliminate by the job description or his location.

The articles says he is the author of thousands of articles. If he was real, I would expect to find hundreds of his articles online.

You should Google his name and check for yourself before making any decisions.

Joseph asks…

Any body know any underground fighting films? I have seen many but i would like to see some more please read..?

I have seen blood and bone.
Never back down
Fight Cllub
And a few more
If you can give me a hand and let me know some more? I do not like all the jackie chan ninja stuff either more of the american underground fighting club films. Thanks for the help.

Administrator answers:

Your request is very specific – I doubt you’ll manage to find many titles. The ones that come to mind are:

The Wrestler
Raging Bull
Twenty Four Seven
A Clockwork Orange
Rocco and his Brothers

Not ALL are about underground fight clubs, but there are some similarities.

John asks…

I need some more answers please for are you a lover or a player and why?

I have 3 answers but I need some more for my book Are you a lover or a player and why. Please leave a name and age or something so I can add at the end of the answer otherwise anonymous thank u a head of time for all ur answers

Administrator answers:

The category is LANGUAGES, not “do my homework for me”, especially heinous since your question isn’t even ABOUT languages!

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