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Your Questions About Renting An Apartment

August 10, 2013

Helen asks…

How do I find out the name of a person renting an apartment?

I have been dealing with ID theft for several years now and come across an address that this person gave to an employer. How do I find out the name of the person renting the apartment? Oh, This person is in Indiana and I am in Texas.

Administrator answers:

You could try calling the property management group & tell them why it is you want to know. They may be willing to tell you.

You could also try one of the people search sites. I have bought a report from – it was pretty complete & I think you can search by address.

You could try contacting the local post office closest to that address & ask for the persons name.

You could demand (and I say demand b/c although this is public record, the police are often very difficult to get this information from) the call history for that address. You DO have a right to this information, it’s just that the police dept is not used to filling these requests for individuals; but many times they regularly release this information to the media.

You could probably also hire a local detective (in Indiana) to get you a tenant history for that address…I would bet it wouldn’t cost that much.

Anyway, good luck. I know the inertia that goes along with these cases. There are just too many of these crimes & they are not pursued unless the answer is just lying in plain sight.

Susan asks…

Does renting an apartment give me the title or ownership?

I’m renting an apartment and am wondering if I get some form of title for this property, or if I qualify for some form of ownership. Are ownership and a title different things, or are they one and the same?

Administrator answers:

Nope. You own nothing and can not possibly have a claim.

Lisa asks…

What is a good source of info about renting an apartment in Buenos Aires?

Will be renting an apartment in Buenos Aires in June/July, and would like to know the best websites for arranging this! Any info you have would be appreciated!

Administrator answers:

Try :

it is in castillano, but they have listings from almost all theRealtors (it is like in the US)

Steven asks…

what documents are needed for renting an apartment?

My partner and I have decided to move in together to a small apartment/flat. It is the first time for both of us for renting anywhere as we are both leaving our parents’ homes. What documents are generally needed to rent? We are hoping to rent privately as we are quite young and it is difficult to find an estate agent that is serious with us. I am 17 and he is 18.

Administrator answers:

You will probably sign a “lease” with a “landlord”. This document will spell out terms and conditions such as length of lease, rent amount, rules and regs, etc. You are not legally able to sign the lease, but your pard is. Use the local newspaper or local apartment association to get started. Read everything carefully. It is a legal document, and will set the stage for your credit rating, future rentals and even mortgages. Your best bet is to take a seasoned and trusted older friend or relative with you when looking at apartments. Ask questions about the neighborhood, neighbors, police incidents, etc. If it’s not on paper as part of the lease agreement, it doesn’t exist, so get any promises in writing. Have fun, but be careful.

Ken asks…

What do I need to know when renting an apartment?

Hubby and I are planning on moving into an apartment by Christmas. What should we expect? What should we stay away from or look for before renting? Are there apartments with garages? We both have motorcycles. Thanks in advance!!

Administrator answers:

Check with your local tenants union about all the things that you have listed.

Learn what the current residents have to say about the property.

Ask your local better business bureau about the property.

Most important to me, take time to visit the property to scope it out.

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