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Your Questions About Renting An Apartment At 18

December 11, 2012

Donna asks…

Renting an apartment/buying a house at 18?

Without regards to how much money I am/would be making, could one legally rent an apartment and/or buy a house at age 18?

Administrator answers:

Legally = yes
realistically = no, unless you are independently wealthy

Ruth asks…

18 and renting an apartment?

So yeah im 18 and living at home with my parents right now. I have a job but its part time. I make a decent amount of money, and i also have my past paychecks saved up in the bank from my first job. Anyways.. I dont have credit, my job is part time and im 18. Would anyone let me rent a bedroom, bathroom apartment? I live in Ohio if that helps.. I know i’ll be able to pay rent every month.

Administrator answers:

Don’t be so eager to move out and have to support yourself, there’s a lot more to it than rent in terms of money. Aren’t you going to college? You should stay with your parents till you’ve finished all the schooling you want to have to get ahead in life. You might regret moving out so soon with only a little saved in the bank.

Joseph asks…

How to get an apartment at 18 yrs?

Hi everyone! I’m riiiight around the corner from turning 18 and, well, due to some personal circumstances, I desperately need to move out.
Like, desperately.
Assuming I have a job that pays around $10/hr and pays every two weeks, what would be a wise, step-by-step process to finding/renting an apartment? Please be as detailed as possible.
I haven’t done tax returns, obviously. Hell, I don’t even know how. (That’s for another time though, haha)
I have good credit. I assume. Oo;
And I literally do NOT care if I don’t have cable/TV/phone and other “luxury” type deals for a good few months, if that helps.

Thank you so much!

Administrator answers:

*DO* you have a job that pays $10/hr? Are you working full time (40 hrs/wk)? If not, forget your plan. You can’t afford to move out.

Assuming you are making $400/wk, you can afford an apartment that rents for about $400-$500 a month. Is that what apartments around you cost?

Oh, and LEARN how to do your tax return. What do you mean, “obviously” you haven’t done them? My children have been doing their own taxes (with my support) since they started working at 16. You need to learn how to do the same.

Mark asks…

renting at 18 possible?

Is it possible to rent an apartment at 18 with 2 other 18 year old roomates. And if so, how would I go about it

Administrator answers:

Depends. You’re a legal adult, but they usually make sure you can afford the rent. Which means you need a steady job. If you have a steady job then go talk to the landlord and go from there.

James asks…

Can I begin the process of renting an apartment at 17?

I am in the process of moving back to Michigan in the next few months and I will need to find an aprtment before I can move. The only problem is that I am only 17 and wont be 18 til May. I was just wondering if I found an apartment right now if a landlord would even talk to me at this point or would I have to wait 2 more months? I know I can’t sign any contracts at this point but would they atleast start the renting process with me?

Administrator answers:

Im pretty sure you need a drivers liscence and must be 18

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