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Your Questions About Renting An Apartment At 18

July 3, 2013

Paul asks…

Wal-mart? Renting an Apartment? help me please !?

in 9 months I will be 16 so I am going to get a job, Most likely at wal-mart if they hire me. if I were to rent an apartment when I am old enough at 18 do you think me alone working at walmart would pay for renting an apartment??? Help me.
if not walmart what jobs would pay for me an apartment?
Where my cousin works (She is 21) But she told me you have to be 16. She has worked there for almost 3 years

Administrator answers:

My husband works part time at Walmart & the rest of the time he runs his own business. The reason he got the job there is to have that income each month if his business is slow. They (Walmart) also give lots of great bonuses; for instance last month the store did really well & he got a $240 bonus on his check. If you budget you money really good & don’t buy any extras you should be ok. It also depends on the area you live in; each pays different amounts. Have you thought about going to college while working at Walmart? Also you can always move up the ladder; the store managers make REALLY good money there.

Susan asks…

How hard is it to take out a loan at 18?

I am 18 and have just rented an apartment for the next three months. I have just enough money for the three months of rent but very little to spare for furnishings. I may have dove off the deep end, but having a place of my own will be well worth it. What would it take to get a $1,000 loan? I have had a credit card for only 4 months so I have little or no credit.

Thanks for your help.

Administrator answers:

Nearly impossible
Especially after Feb 22, 2010. You will have to be 21 to get any type of loans or credit cards.

You do not NEED $1000 for furnishings. I hope you are working…if so, take any extra money you may have and go to the Goodwill or Salvation Army and see what second hand furniture you can pick up. You do not need the latest or greatest furniture when you first start out. Heck, I didn’t even HAVE furniture when I first moved out! I slept on a cot!

Richard asks…

Legal right of a non-US citizen renting an apartment in the State of VA

I am a non-US citizen living in the USA for a quite a while. Now I just got married and brought my wife here 2 months ago. I’m renting an apartment in Richmond, VA area and the apartment complex office told me to sign a separate lease for my wife since she is over 18. The property manager told me that it’s the law of the State of VA that wife can not be an occupant anymore, she has to be a lease holder. She is here on H4 VISA and she was given a one year VISA that expires on January 21st, 2009. Now they are saying that they would not let her live with me after that date even though my lease does not expire before May of 2009.

Therefore I had an argument with the property manager and at a point she threatened me to kick her out of the country after January 2009. Couple of questions I have in this regards.

1. What does the State of VA housing law says regarding keeping my wife with me, can she be staying with me without signing a lease since I already did that?

2. I know I can take legal step against that property manager since she threatened me that she’d kick my wife out of the country. My question is what are the legal steps I can take against that property manager?

Administrator answers:

As for the issue with the lease, most states allow leasing companies to require that every tenant over the age of 18 be listed on the lease. I’ve rented apartments at different complexes in Delaware and Alabama, all required that both my husband and I be listed on SEPARATE lease forms. Its just standard practice.

As for the immigration issue, I would contact an immigration attorney for advice. Although I seriously doubt she could get your wife deported just over a property dispute.

Steven asks…

Problems i’ll have renting an apartment?

I would like to rent an apartment but I don’t know how much it would really cost me in total. I’m 18 and I work full time at a restaurant and get $560 a month. Do you think that’s a good idea? Will getting a roommate make it a bit better financially?

Administrator answers:

All the places I know of you wouldn’t even qualify. You don’t make anything.

Sharon asks…

Renting an apartment with fiance when 18ish? Think we’ll make it?

I’m 15 right now, and my boyfriend is 16. He’s a year older than me and we plans on engagement when I turn 18, and we’re going to college and we just want a one bedroom apartment that’s at least decent looking. And we’re going to have some sort of job. Do you think we can go to college, work, and pay the bills at the same time?

Administrator answers:

You need to work up a budget. Find out what the average cheap apartment cost in your area. Add in cost like phone and cable. The find out what the college you want to go to cost. Figure out what food cost. Total that up for a years worth of cost and divide by 52. That is what you will need per week from a job. Now if the two of you can work and make that much plus some extra then you have a slim chance that it will work.

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