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Your Questions About Renting An Apartment In London

April 13, 2013

James asks…

where can i find an apartment in london that could be rented out for a night to have a birthday get together?

Dont want to spend more than £200
You can rent on a nightly basis i did so last year spending £250 but im am looking to see if there are any cheaper places

Administrator answers:

You cant do that, but you can get a banquet room in a pub or small hotel for your get together.

Susan asks…

Is it normal to pay per week in london?

I’ve been looking into renting an apartment in london. I live in the states right now but I eventually wanna move there. I’ve been looking online for apartments and all I see is pw (per week) or PCM (whatever that is?) Is that the normal thing or is there normal monthly rent like here in the states?

Administrator answers:

As you are not a citizen of the European Economic Area you cannot just up sticks and move to the UK unless you have a minimum of a Master’s Degree or have a skill that is in short supply here which enables you to be eligible for a work permit…and you cannot live here without one…


PCM = Per Calendar Month

John asks…

When someone is renting an appart in London, how much money does ones gives upfront?

im interested or renting an apartment, but in many adds doesn;t specify how much money someone should give and they have prices by the week, mostly.


Administrator answers:

Rented in London once and had to pay 1 month deposit and 1 month in advance that was a good few years ago don’t know if that has changed,just ring up a few places and ask them what the set up is.

Helen asks…

What is the average cost per month for living in London for one person? (EVERYTHING included)?

Central london (renting an apartment), cheapest possible groceries ect… Plus electricity, water, tax… If anyone is currently residing in central London I would appreciate to know what your monthly expenses are… Include salary earned if you like… Any tips and hints…

Administrator answers:

I would not want to live in London if I dont have 2000 quid a month to spend and enjoy my life.

David asks…

Does anyone know low price rented accommodation near London?

hi, i am moving to London in coming January. i need a rented apartment, i know London is very expensive so, please suggest me a small town near London. thanks

Administrator answers:

Near London is also very expensive, as is the transport to get into the city. You haven’t thought this through,have you?

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