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Your Questions About Renting An Apartment In London

July 27, 2013

Jenny asks…

How many hour drive is it from London to Oxford?

I’m am going to go to Oxford University in England in 1 month (I applied for scholorship and i just know they will accept….Ive had straight As since i was in second grade and plus i have done many volunteer activitys.) the problem is that Ive already spoken with a landlord and have rented an apartment room in London. do you think i can manage to drive to the University every day?

Administrator answers:

Well on a good day/very early in the morning before the traffic starts – you could drive it in an hour from central London to Oxford easily.

Any other time it could be anything up to 2 hours. It would most likely average out at an hour and half journey time.
(Its about 55 miles by the way, but on a very busy route)

Train links are very good between Oxford and London Paddington however and the journey time is between 45 minutes and 1 hour 15 minutes, rarely more.

Train annual ticket would be hugely expensive though ,although so would the cost of fuel be if you drove.

Basically unless you’re mega rich forget it and get accomodation nearer to Oxford.

EDIT: just remembered there is also a bus service that goes from Central London to Oxford very fequently, its called the Oxford Tube I belive and there is another one called the Oxford Espress.I’v used them a couple times.They leave every 15 minutes at peak times and cost about £15 ($28 US dollars) return with possible discounts for buying more journeys upfront. If you took one at like 6 or 7am in the morning then your talking less than a 60-90 minute journey depending on traffic and how many people get on at the stops, any later and your in 2 hour territory! This website has some more details

Donald asks…

London Renting Important Please ?

Hi, i want to rent a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment in london or near it
and am traveling their for a 3 week holiday and am not a british citizin, i am a family visitor and when my family inquired their in london agencies they told them at least rent 6 month ? is that true or can i rent 3-4 weeks ?

Administrator answers:

I use to work as an estate agent, and most landlords normally do a minimum rental of 12 months. Some do have 6 months, but that is rarer than the norm.

Your best bet might be a hotel.

It is possible to get a place like the one you mentioned for 3-4 weeks, but you’ll need to do a bit of sweet talking. Renting has picked up again round London, but it still isn’t back to its best. This means some landlords who haven’t been able to rent their properties out for a while might actually accept something they normally wouldn’t.

Good luck.

Sandra asks…

Which parts of London or within short train ride to London is reasonable for renting a 1 or 2 bed apartment?

We are moving to London in January and want to be able to access central London easily by train or tube. We want to rent a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment. Can anyone recommend a good area that is not too expensive and is safe with good and easy access into central London?

Administrator answers:

You are always going to pay a premium rent for good & easy access into central London.

If work is in Central London, look at the transport connections and fan out from there.

Joseph asks…

Want to rent an apartment in London but .. ?

But the agents all want full payment up front. For a week that is about £2000. I just don’t see paying that much money up front when I don’t even know if the unit actually exists.

I’ve rented units in other parts of Europe with one days rent up front, the rest due when I get to the unit. What makes London so special? Am I missing something? How do these units ever get rented?

PS, for a 1 week vacation.

Administrator answers:

That is the rule in England.they always ask you to pay upfront.

David asks…

How can I rent an apartment from someone living abroad?

I want to rent an apartment in downtown LA owned by a guy who lives in London. He is living there for the next 5 years (for business purposes) and wasn’t planning on renting his apartment, but has decided to do so after the fact. He is going to overnight me the keys so I can see the apartment before I agree to anything.

I basically need to make sure it’s all legit and don’t know how to go about doing so. Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Get everthing in WRITTING
and have a realestate lawyer check it out.
Find out who the leasing agent is .
Walk very careful through this egg shell field.

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