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Your Questions About Renting An Apartment In Nyc

May 24, 2013

Steven asks…

What are the laws in NYC when renting an apartment? How to get someone to move out?

Soooo…. Me & my roommate have been trying to make our 3rd roommate to move out for the past month. She has been living there for 3 1/2 month and it has just never worked. This girl is crazy, literally, and even the landlord wants her out and is treating that if she doesn’t move out, we all have to move out too.

I have been living in the apartment for 5 years and my roommate for 7 years. We really don’t want to move, but we can’t get our 3rd roommate to move!!!! My roommate spoke to her a month ago that this is just not working and that she has to move. The girl that refuses to move out, claims that she can continue to live in the apartment without paying rent. Also that no one can force her to move, according to laws to renters. Is that true? What are the rules when renting an apartment?

Also, we are renting under the table and this crazy person that is refusing to move out, is treating the landlord to report him and his family.

We have today spoken to the girl that is refusing to move out, that she has to move out by August 11th but she is refusing.

What are we supposed to do? We have tried everything to talk to this girl but she is really, really difficult and getting into complete wars with every single person. We simply want her out. Suggestions?
We don’t have a lease on the apartment. We just rent month to month but we have lived there for really long that we know the landlord and he doesn’t raise the rent.
It’s the landlords building and they live in the same building as us.

Administrator answers:

So the lease is in someone else’s name and you are subletting illegally but the landlord knows you are there? The landlord can evict her only.

Joseph asks…

How do I rent an apartment in NYC without a guarantor?

I am an international student living in New York City. As I have no family here, I cannot provide a guarantor when renting apartments here. I am currently living in an apartment and because of this guarantor issue, the owners made me pay 12 months upfront plus security deposit of one month when I moved in last summer. My lease is ending in August and i would love to continue living in this apartment but the problem is that they are asking me for 12 months upfront again!

I am curious to know what my tenant rights are regarding this….?
Please help!

Administrator answers:

You have the rights as required by your landlord. He wants the rent guaranteed since you have no employment. So either someone signs or you pay up front

John asks…

What is the norm when renting an apartment — Preferably in NYC?

Looking at apartments in Manhattan and I have to keep my car. Yes, I’ve had a car since a teenager, and need to leave NYC a lot so will keep it. Plus it’s new and paid off. Just in case someone says “you don’t need a car”.

Anyway, when looking at buildings WITH parking available, I notice the rents are usually 500+ higher, if not more. Is it normal for this to include the parking, or would I still have to pay for the spot? And would this be $100 more or Manhattan rates (I see independent parking garages quote $300-400 a month)?

Administrator answers:

It is not definitely not normal for NYC rental apartments to include parking. Some do, but you will pay a lot more in rent as you have seen. $300-$400 is about average for monthly parking in a garage in Manhattan. Few Manhattanites have cars, aside from the very wealthy because it is so expensive to park and the rents also are very high even without parking.

Edit: The last answerer summed it up pretty well. My son had a car in Manhattan for two years about 20 blocks downtown from his apartment. He took cabs or busses back and forth. He finally realized it was cheaper to cab it or rent a car if they needed it on a week-end to leave the city. You might be better off looking in Queens or Brooklyn.

Betty asks…

Renting an apartment temp agency?

Will it be hard to rent an apartment in NYC if I work for a temp agency. I’ve been at the same job for over 8 months…and I have over 2 years in rent saved up(proof on bank statement). They keep saying they will hire me, but they are taking too long. Will I still have any luck in finding something?

Administrator answers:

If your credit is good I think you will be okay.

Mandy asks…

NYC: Does anyone know anything about renting an apartment in the building The Camelot in midtown?

Administrator answers:

Contact a realtor in Manhattan. That is the only way

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