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Your Questions About Renting An Apartment In Paris

October 12, 2012

John asks…

what is the average price of renting an apartment in paris-left bank??

Administrator answers:

You probably choose the most expensive place of Paris.
As far as I know, for 20 square meter neer the Pantheon you pay aproximatly 700 euros. And I don’t think it’s the most expensive price you can find in this area of Paris.

If you want to live there, prepare your money!!!

Chris asks…

Searching for an apartment near Paris, France?

Hi All,

I’m living in Paris and working in Microsoft. I’m searching for an apartment which is not very expensive and little outside of Paris.

I tried in some internet sites without any success.

Can anyone tell me how to find a Rented apartment for long duration outside of Paris.

I’m living near paris (cergy Pontoise), i tried in all online sites for hunting an appartment and failed in all my attempt.

Administrator answers:


Mark asks…

Renting apartments in Paris for 2 weeks?

Hi everyone,

I am trying to find either a studio or small apartment to rent for myself for 2 weeks in Paris, France for the end of July beginning of August. My budget is 200-400 USD/week for the apartment. Can someone help direct me to the right resources? I would like to live in an area that is relatively safe, and very close to nightlife and tourism.

If you can help, that would be great, thank you!

Administrator answers:

The best to do should be to look for “colocation paris”, on google france and type the date you are looking for. You will find there very good deal for a short time, more specially in summer time.
Otherwise, not expensive appart’hotels :
- The Family Residence
- The Residences Paris Asnières (20 minutes from Paris)

David asks…

Have you ever rented an apartment in Paris with

I’m considering renting an apartment with them for my stay in Paris. Have you ever rented with them? How was your experience?

Administrator answers:

I have never rented from them, but your question peaked my curiosity so I checked out their website. (I have rented from another company called A la Carte Paris.) What I noticed about the flats that they offered (I only looked at a few) is first that they are very, very small. Some don’t even have a toilet in the room, but one shared in that hall. From the photos it looks like some of them are also what would be called the servants or staff quarters which are located on the top floor of apartment buildings and have a slanted ceiling. The prices seemed very cheap, but given how tiny the apartments are, I can understand. If you are prepared to be on the top floor of a building, in a very, very small space, with no air conditioning and no private toilet, then I suppose it would be fine. If these are not things you would be happy with, then you should perhaps looks for something else. Good luck.

Helen asks…

Renting Apartments in Paris (Any Websites you know of?)?


I am an english student who urgently needs an apartment in Paris (I am moving there on the 10th september for 9 months). I have been the victim of 3 scams so far with apartments!!! So i need a trusting website were the landlords are infact real, anyone know any from experience?

PS, my budget is 600 euros per month.

Amanda xo

Administrator answers:

I would seriously spend the first week or two at a hostel then look while you are there. Also ask your school’s international student office as they should have a list of legitimate agencies.

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