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Your Questions About Renting An Apartment In Paris

June 15, 2013

Ruth asks…

Which agencies do you recommend for renting in Paris?

I’m looking to rent an apartment in Paris for 3 months in summer. I know of one agency which seems to offer what I’m looking for — and that’s Lodgis, but are there any others? Maybe French ones that will allow me to rent an apartment in Paris for a holiday?

Administrator answers:

From my personal experience of apartment renting in Paris I would recommend I easily found a comfortable apartment within my budget, my preferred area and with most of the facilities during both of my last visits there. Although I would suggest you should check for availability of the apartment in your preferred location first on their site and then contact them.

Laura asks…

Apartment or Hotel in Paris?

I am going to Paris with friends and teenage sister this summer and am heavily considering renting an apartment in Paris instead of a hotel. I’d like to hear what others think is the better way to experience Parisan apartment or a hotel for a week in July??

Administrator answers:

An apartment is definately better if more people are around. Its cheaper and you can have your own kind of food – either cook or just heat in the microwave. Numerous grocery stores all around though finding what you want, if you dont know French, is an adventure (enjoyable one by my standards). You also get more room to stretch yourself as mostly, a living room will also be there.

William asks…

Has anyone rented a vacation apartment in Paris? How does it work?

Administrator answers:

Easy, it is like booking an Hotel more or less !
Contact an agency for exemple Lodjee ( ) or Parisianhome ( ) or make your on search on google. And request a flat !
You will have to pay deposit and probably when you get in the rest of the money.
Look at those t&c if that can help :
Good luck

Mark asks…

what are normal prices for things in paris or spain?

i am visiting malaga spain and paris. i was wondering how much things cost as in food, clothing, and overall, how much i would be spending a day if i rented an apartment in paris. (excluding the cost of the apartment)

Administrator answers:

I travel most of Europe for about 100 Euro per day, for a few days Paris I need about 150 Euro per day, and that is being careful with my money, not going out to shop.

It is possible to do with less, being very careful where you eat, doing your food shopping in a supermarket and only see the famous sights by walking past them, not worth the savings if it is your first time in Paris.

Jenny asks…

Passport Scan for Apartment Rental?

I am renting an apartment in Paris for 4 days, is it normal for the owner to ask for a scan of my passport?

Administrator answers:

I have never heard of this, but it doesn’t surprise me, given heightened tensions and awareness of terrorists in our world today. My guess is that he is just trying to assure himself that you are really who you say you are. If you have nothing to hide, and I assume you don’t, I would just give it to him. Is it really that big a deal? It doesn’t have your social security number on it, does it?

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