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Your Questions About Renting An Apartment In Paris

August 1, 2013

Laura asks…

How much does electricity/gas cost in Paris?

My friend and I will be renting a little studio apartment in Paris next summer. Electricity/gas is not included in the price. How much money should we anticipate spending on this?
Thank you!

Administrator answers:

That’s extremely difficult to tell since you don’t know how much electricity (or gas) you’ll be using.At the same time the tariff system is complicated to figure out.

The company that rents out the place I live in told me to anticipate electricity bills of anywhere between 15 and 70 Euros a month when I moved in. At the moment, I’m being charged roughly €20 a month by EDF. But I’m not sure if they’ll bill me an adjustment charge anytime soon, if at all. Expect to experience similar situations to mine.

Richard asks…

Big Survey: What do you “really” think happened to The God of Rock Jim Morrison of The Doors?

The “official” report is that he died of heart failure at age 27 in a rented apartment in Paris in 1971. What do “you” think? Was it a bathroom heroin overdose at the Rock and Roll Circus? Is he “still” alive? Was it a government conspiracy to silence anti establishment rockers like Morrison, Hendrix, and Joplin?

Administrator answers:

He is not still alive. His body would have given out long before now if his rate of drug and alcohol consumption had remained the same. He died of an overdose(probably heroin, other drugs and alcohol).He would have looked worse for wear than Keith Richards if he had lived. On the other hand(I have five fingers) he has been sighted in Branson, Missouri on stage with the Oakridge Boys singing “Light MY Fire’ while playing the fiddle.

Sandy asks…

Why in Paris upfront apartment rental is so expensive (at least 5000 EUR)?

The cheapest apartment rental is like 1100 EUR per month, then there are charges such as
* deposit – 1 month of rent
* security deposit – 2 months of rent
* agency fee – 1 month of rent

In United States only people with bad credit are required to pay similar amounts, but then it is still no more than 2 month of rent deposit, and I haven’t ever heard of agency fees.
When I rented an apartment in the U.S., the deposit was $99, and I had to pay the rest of the current month’s rent, that’s it.

Administrator answers:

I didn’t know that rent was so cheap and easy to get in New York.
But as said above, Paris is a very small city with a big population (highest population density in Europe) and there is a huge shortage of appartments, especially the cheaper ones. Even though the rents are capped there is still a stiff competition, and as it is difficult for people who rent their appartments to get rid of an unwanted renter or a bad payer they are taking advantage of the tight market to ask for that kind of insurance.

Betty asks…

Looking for a reputable renting agency in Paris, France.?

I’m looking for Paris apartments to rent for a short vacation – about 2 weeks. Someone else suggested and I was wondering if anyone had worked with them before.

Administrator answers: is international,though based in Austin Texas USA.

Mary asks…

a copy of the passport required renting short term?!is that normal?

we are planning to rent the apartment in paris for 10 days and the owner of it claims that he needs a 300 euros deposit and a copy of my and my fiances passport,is that normal thing to do when renting short term?
to me it sounds kinda fishy ,because where is the guarantee that he is going to give us those 300 euros back and why the heck does he need a passport copy?!

every answer is appreciated!

Administrator answers:

He is bound by the money laudering laws to make certain checks on your identity: requesting a copy of a passport is quite common.

Most landlords ask for a deposit to cover damage etc. Get a receipt for it and a written note of what it’s for so that if you don’t get it back when you should, you can sue for it.

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