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Your Questions About Renting An Apartment With Bad Credit

November 6, 2012

Robert asks…

How can I go about renting an apartment/home with bad credit and a broken lease (due to pregnancy)?

I’m a single mom and I’ve been at my current job for over a year. I make about 36K and need to get a place in Houston. Any advice please?

Administrator answers:

You may need a co-signer to help you get apt , with bad credit and a broken lease that go’s on your credit report , hope it helps good luck , but all states are different.

Sharon asks…

Is renting an apartment with bad credit impossible?

Me and my daughter need to find our own apartment quick. I’ve got really good references and a good work history. I’ve never rented an apartment before. I have been living with family for about 6 years now (in two different places) and I feel it’s time to get my own place. My big fear is that I wont find a place that will rent to me because of my bad credit. I can afford about 450 a month (I live near Dayton, Ohio.) I have about 3 weeks to find a place.

Administrator answers:

It really depends of the landlord. Some landlords do a credit check, while other don’t and others just ask for rental references (Which in your case would be easy, since it’s family members). The worse case scenario is if they do find out you have bad credit, they will require you to put at least 1 month’s security deposit, just to cover themselves.

Good Luck!

Lisa asks…

Renting an apartment on bad credit?

My lease isn’t up until May, but I wanted to get some advice/tips now. My credit is not good. I have settled the items that were bad, but my score is still pretty low. I recently got a Credit Card for people trying to rebuild their credit, and plan on keeping up with that one to help my score out. I have a pretty bad home situation with my roommates, so when I move out I plan to get my own apartment if possible.

I hold 2 jobs…full time one I’ve been at for 2.5 years, the part time job 3.5 years continuously. I plan on keeping both. I make more than 3 times what monthly rents would be. I have perfect rental history and utility payment history.

Are there any ways I can convince a complex to rent to me? What if I saved up enough money to offer to pay 3-4 months rent in advance?

Thanks for any advice/tips. It’s early, but I’d rather start saving my money and getting a game plan in motion now than waiting until the last minute.
I currently rent a townhouse from a landlord with 3 other roommates.

Administrator answers:

You have a good plan in action. Rebuilding your score will take time.

Your idea of offering to pay rent in advance is an excellent one. Rather than paying 3-4 months rent in advance, offer to pay the LAST 2 months in advance. Negotiate with them. Do NOT offer to pay a larger security deposit – some complexes are notorious for keeping the security deposit on “trumped” up reasons. Make sure you get EVERYTHING in writing and receipts that spell out what the money was for.

Good luck.

Joseph asks…

Renting apartment with bad credit?

Can you still rent an apartment if you have bad credit?
I live in CA and I would like to rent my first apartment in the near future ( within 2 years). I got my credit report from Equifax and it shows that I have Currently ‘past due’ 2 accounts and in the Negative Acct History it show 8 accts ( the 2 past due are included). Of the 8, two of them are not paid and the rest are “charge off” or “collections paid” All this info is correct.
Will I still be able to get ‘approved’? Does any one have any personal experience in renting their first apartment.
I have a steady job, work full time and have been w/ the company for 6 years. I have paid off most of my debt, but my ‘badcredit happenend when I was in college about 8 years ago.

Administrator answers:

Anyone can rent an apartment in CA. If the landlord gives you any problems about your credit, simply say that you will provide an additional month’s security deposit. Make suer that you can use the security deposit for rent payment after 1 year of paying on time.

Mandy asks…

i have a question about renting an apartment? bad-ish credit, no cosigner?

my girlfriend and i are about to start looking for apartments. she hardly has any credit history, it goes back a few months, however, her few months are good.

i, on the other hand, have a score of 600, with a $5k outstanding debt on a credit card from either 07 or 08…(which was not my fault, it was my mom’s, but it doesn’t matter cuz it’s on my report.) …all other items on my report are good. 4 student loan accounts (in good standing it says, but deferred til 2011, so they might think “Oh it hasn’t even begun to be paid off yet”)

in addition to this, we are first time renters with no cosigner. how do we go about getting an apartment that isn’t in the ghetto?
well, im not actually paying the loans yet because i haven’t graduated. that’s what i was saying, they’re deferred til 2011

Administrator answers:

My situation was similar i moved fresh out my folks house into my own my girl didnt have credit and i have 1 student loan, the apartments ran our credit as a married couple so we didnt have to pay as much for the holding fee or app. Fee, all they asked us for was our 3 most recent paycheck stubs and 3 references each, and then they offered us the 1st month free because i was a student attending school in this town, and i stay in fullerton ca and thats nowhere near the “ghetto”

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