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Your Questions About Renting An Apartment With Bad Credit

August 18, 2013

Richard asks…

Is it possible to rent a really nice apartment with bad credit if you have really good rental history?

I’ve been renting an apartment for the past three years but now it’s time to move on. I have very good rental history but my credit is bad. What are my options??

Administrator answers:

The short answer is yes, it’s possible. The long answer is that it depends on if you’re applying at a large apartment complex and how strict they are about renters. If you can get a letter written by your last landlord telling anyone you might apply to what a good and faithful tenant you were, that’s a plus. If you’re going into a smaller venue like a two family house no credit check should be necessary. Try and get anything on your credit reports that is incorrect taken off of them. I believe you are entitled to one free credit analysis yearly from the big three and you should really take a good look at them all. They do make mistakes and it’s up to you to correct or explain them. Good luck!

Ken asks…

Can you rent an apartment with bad credit and one eviction?

My credit sucks due to an ex boyfriend that screwed it up. I have always owned my homes, but rented one time only. After eight weeks of renting, the landlord came into my home and I was getting out of the shower. He tried to get me to have sex with him. EWWW. Anyways.. i moved out and now it shows as an eviction. I am about to lose my home and cannot get an apartment because of the eviction. Anyone have any advice???

Administrator answers:

If you broke a lease or have an eviction, you’ll have a heck of a time getting another lease. You’ll either need a huge deposit or a co-signor — or both.
You should have filed charges against the landlord for sexual harassment, and then you would have had something to show the next landlord as to why you moved out (and were in fact not evicted.)

You CAN look on craigslist for people with apartments in their basements or over their garage – in other words, look for a private landlord instead of one associated with a professionally managed property.

Paul asks…

Is there anyone on here who has had bad credit and gotten an apartment?

I’m just wondering if there is anyone on here who has gotten a good apartment in a complex even with bad credit. I’m taking a teaching job far from my home town, and I need an apartment. However, my credit score is low and I’ve never rented before. Does anyone know if I can offer a bigger deposit or anything like that if my credit doesn’t check out? Any success stories on here?
I’m not looking for a dumpy place. I’d like something in a complex.

Administrator answers:

Dont bother with the first answer its a pyramid scam

on to the apartment thing. Yes there are ways tol get a place. For one not all places offer a credit report. Also you can always try making an offer to the complex or ask if they have any special programs. You have nothing to lose by asking.

Steven asks…

I have zero credit (not bad credit) and have never rented before… Can I rent an apartment?

I have lived in the clouds for too dam long..

Mid twenties with a fat savings account but cant buy a house cause I have no credit
Im wondering if this is the same for renting as well?

I have never rented before, no established credit

Could this stop me from being able to rent an apartment?

Administrator answers:

You should be fine.

In a pinch offer to show the manager you savings account statement.

Or prepaid a few months rent.

Betty asks…

How much does bad credit affect moving into an apartment?

The town home we’re renting is slated to be auctioned off August 20th. My wife and I have very bad credit.
1) Has anyone been through this and what happens if we are still in the town home when it’s auctioned off?
2) Do we have any leeway to remain here another month while we gather up Deposit money for the new place? (We’ve only been here 3 months total)
3) How tough is it to be approved to move into an apartment with really bad credit?
Any ideas from apartment managers or anyone whose been through this, welcome. Thanks,

Administrator answers:

My best advice with bad credit stay far away from large apartment complexes that ask for a fee to run back ground checks, you will not be approved and they will make a small profit of running the background check, look to more mom and pop run operations where you can explain your reason for poor credit, other options are co-signer, find a landlord who does not run checks or ask for huge up front monies, but beware those units are usually on the low end of rentals

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