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Your Questions About Renting An Apartment Without A Lease

November 18, 2012

Chris asks…

Renting an apartment without looking at it first?

I want to move to Asheville, NC. There’s a very nice looking apartment complex called the Springs, they have a nice web site with floor plans and everything.

I’m tempted to sign a lease without driving up there to look at it (a full day driving each way) Then, I’d just drive up with a rental truck and my car in tow and move in.

My hunch says don’t do it, but what if I did? What would be the pitfalls?

Administrator answers:

It’s a risk. The pictures on the website are of the most updated unit at the most flattering angles. The truth may not be quite what you expect. I think the slight inconvenience of an extra drive is worth making sure you don’t lock yourself in to a place you are going to hate.

Thomas asks…

Is it Illegal for someone to lease an apartment without a proper heater in the State of Texas?

I rented an apartment recently. It has no Heating and It has been very very cold lately. I have a 15 year old and 17 year old. He has a cold from this weather. Is it illegal for my landlord not to have heat for us?

Administrator answers:

Yes, the landlord has to provide a heat source. Fire place, furnace, base board heater. Something. The landlord does not have to supply fuel to operate the heat source, but there should be something.

I have never heard of apartments being built without something available, he should not have been able to obtain a building permit without heat.

Ruth asks…


A friend of mine is renting an apartment without a lease. She has only been living there 2 weeks and the landlord and her has had a disagreement and now she wants her to move out, like tomorrow! My friend is paying by the week and has no where to go this quick. We live in Michigan, does she have to leave now or does the landlord have to follow a certain procedure? SHE NEEDS HELP!!!

Administrator answers:

Since she pays rent by the week she has 7 days to be out of there. If she needs help then go over there and help her pack up.

Steven asks…

legality of renting an apartment without knowing its availability?

I leased an apartment through a third party to start 01/01/11, and shortly thereafter was informed that the third party rented the apartment without knowing when or if the current tenant was leaving. The current tenant’s lease ended; However, through the leasing office of the building has taken two 2 week extensions and now has plans to leave at the end of the month, although has yet to schedule to move out. I’m now told that that availability of the apartment is in the neighborhood of 01/07/11 (which according to a rider on the lease just prorates the month), but cannot be guaranteed because the tenant can ask for more extensions. My question is at what point does this constitute a breach of contract of the lease? and the legality of renting an apartment without knowing its availability?

Administrator answers:

The lease is void and you get ALL the fees and deposits back. Landlords do this all the time to maximize income, but they’re taking the chance of losing the new tenant and actually jamming them up. The landlord could even be sued for your damages, if any.

Mandy asks…

in renting an apartment which is best lease or no lease?

just wondering what rights would be in renting without a lease

Administrator answers:

No rights

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