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Your Questions About Renting An Apartment Without A Lease

August 5, 2013

Sandra asks…

Help! I don’t want to sign an apartment lease online!?

There is no way that I can fly to the place where I will be renting an apartment beginning in July. Trusted friends have already inspected the place for me, though I’ve never seen it. I am afraid that the landlord will ask me to sign over the internet?

Most ideally, I’d like to arrive there, then inspect the place with the landlord myself, before signing. The tenant says that he has to move out before my arrival date, though. I’m at a total loss. I keep hearing it’s a bad idea to sign a lease without seeing the place, and I totally agree but this time it feels like there’s no way around it.

Any ideas for me?

Administrator answers:

As a landlord we have rented from people from across the country. What we do is on our web page we have pictures of the various apartments we have available, If you like what you see, you fill out an application to rent with all your info, when you want to move in, how many people etc. So we can get all the checking done before you get to town. Once you get here we assume you have other apartments to see as well as ours, but the point being, you would be preapproved if you decided to move into our apartment. And could move in as soon as you wished.And that is when you would sign the lease.

Lizzie asks…

Laws, and Rights pertaining to renting without lease ny state (please only answer if you have some knowledge?

Ok so me and my husband are tired of living in our cramped apartment with our kids, his friend from work owns a home says we could rent it from him and his wife. says we can sign a one year lease; then goes home to his wife and comes back and says you can still rent it but why need a lease “can’t we just trust each other on our word”
My husband is fine with that, I am not but nevertheless our lease is up here and it looks like we are moving no matter what.
Does someones word give us any actual rights at all? can they kick us out without notice? can they sell the house without notice?
I’m honestly freaked out.

Administrator answers:

The law on this topic not only varies from State to State it also varies from City to City.

For an issue of this importance you need to interview at least 3 or 4 Attorneys who have a great deal of experience with landlord/tenant law in the City where the property is located.

I recommend that you hire the Attorney that you think is best for this issue.

If you try to get your information from anyone other than an Attorney who has a great deal of experince with landlord/tenant law in the City where the property is located you will get incomplete and inaccurate information at best.

At worst you will get information that is wrong and will do a great deal of damage to you.

Carol asks…

Am I able to lease an apartment without paying a fee to the realtor?

So I rented one room in a 5-bedroom house for a couple of months, then the landlady said she planned to sell the entire house to one family. So I’ve been out for a few weeks already, and she has contacted me to tell me the family pulled out last minute, and that the rooms are still available. The next day I got a call from JP Realty and they are asking for a commission fee ontop of what I was originally paying. I thought a commission fee was only if the realtor helped me find the place, but this is not the case. He said that the landlady has a contract with the realty stating that I would need to pay the additional fee if I move bak in. Am I forced to pay the extra fee or could I just pay what I had originally been paying and work it out directly with the landlady?

Administrator answers:

You have no contract with this realtor so you do no thave to pay them anything.

If the landlady agreed to pay them, that is her business.

(of course, she could pass that fee along to you).

Just tell her you are paying what you paid before and that she should be paying you for all the trouble. Tell her you will gladly move back in and pay her the same rent as before and nothing more. She can take it or leave it.

Mark asks…

Renting without a lease… Pros & Cons?

I’ve been looking for an apartment with my 2 best friends and we recently found a 2 bedroom appt. with all utilities included except cable for $525. a month no lease. Initially I thought no lease was a good thing but now I’m not sure… can they raise the rent whenever they want? or add extra costs? What questions should I ask them and what should I be aware of?

Administrator answers:

Yes….renting without a lease would be, truthfully, a stupid move….Yes, they can raise the rent, change the rules, add fees, cancel utilities “they” had been paying for forcing you to pay…whatever they want…and your only option would be to “suck it up” or move out…what if there are damages to the home/apartment/condo (whichever you are looking at)…who gets blamed? Who pays for repairs? What are you going to do if they all-of-a-sudden decide that they want you to move, and give you only 2 hours to do it? Where would you go? With no lease, you have NO legal options or recourse…
A lease protects you and them.
Remember, what sounds too good to be true…IS….protect yourself…no one is going to do it FOR you…

Chris asks…

Renting an apartment from another state/not in person?

I am moving to Denver CO from Boston MA. We are both keeping out jobs in Boston MA until we find jobs in Denver; however we would like an address in Denver (for applications) and a place to stay when we are looking. Also if my husband or I get a job first, one of us will be moving and the other will stay until we have a job. We don’t want to go into this without a job.
We have people to stay with in Boston until we both find jobs so rent in Denver isn’t a problem.

We were going to move last year and then decided to wait another year. We have viewed all the apartments we like….

QUESTION IS: We would like to just call up the apartment place we like, sign the lease and pay for it without planning a trip down there just for that. I want to make sure I have an apartment before not resigning my lease here. Will this be a problem, do you think the apartment will let us do all transactions via fax/mail?

Administrator answers:

I have moved around A LOT, my whole life really. And I can tell you that almost all leasing offices will be willing to work with you. Some smaller land lords might not, but most should.

You will have to do all the standard stuff, application, credit check, etc. They may wish you to do the lease signing by mail so that they have an actual signature on the original copy. However, some will also just agree to have the apartment ready for you and have you sign the lease in person when you get there.

All I do when I have done this, is call the lease manager and explain my situation. Often they are even willing to send you additional pictures of a unit they have available for you. Give them all the details that you know, like your planned move in date, pets, roomates? Etc. They will ask all of this on the application anyway though.

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