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July 10, 2012

Ruth asks…

Studio Apt. a good start or bad??

Me and my girl want to move out on our own whn we turn 18 the problem is we have no where to go becouse i dont want to crash with any of my family i want to prove to everyone that i can live on my own and handle it. and i thought about moveing into a Studio Apt. couse well there cheap sometimes and it would give us a good place to stretch out legs if u know wht i mean. its not like i want to spend the rest of my life there i just thought maybe a good start yes or no and why plz

Administrator answers:

The words studio, efficiency or one bedroom “sometimes” mean the same thing in some apartment complexes. Determine how much space you need and rent by the square footage.

You may be able to rent a one-bedroom for a married couple, but in some states there are laws (like here) where you can’t rent together if you’re not married unless you get a two-bedroom two bath unit, so that will cost you more.

If you are related or if it’s an elder person with a nurse then a one bedroom apartment would be fine. If owners find out you have an additional person in the apartment that’s not on the lease they will ask the additional person to leave or maybe even cancel your lease and ask you to leave.

A studio apartment, like the one I have is a large one room with a large bathroom and large kitchen. The owners will only allow one person to live here. I noticed that in the lease I signed for this year that they no longer allow “guests” to stay where in the past they allowed guests to stay for a week or two and they would live with you for free. So things are changing.

When you turn 18 you’re responsible for yourself and therefor are expected to have a job that is ample enough for you to rent an apartment. I suggest you wait until you’re at least 21 and have your college in before trying to get an apartment otherwise you will hurt yourself.

The one bedrooms are over $550 these days, at least here. I also suggest that you don’t go off with your girlfriend until you are married to each other and both employed in good paying jobs.

Lizzie asks…

Can I afford to live near San Diego, (i.e. Pacific Beach) in a studio apt by serving tables?

Is this possible?

Administrator answers:

Before I started by degreed job I worked as a server in La Jolla and lived in PB, defin. Possible, but it will be difficult to get a restaurant job unless you have a lot of experience.

Helen asks…

searching for an unfurnished studio apt in Sydney (under $250)?


I’m a new immigrant arriving in Sydney on Dec 11, 2010. And I’m searching for an unfurnished/ empty studio apartment for a long-term rental purpose under $250. Is that possible to do so before getting there so that my apartment will be ready when I land there?

Thank you

Administrator answers:

No you have to be here. Rentals are all looked after by agencies and there are 10+ applications for every vacancy – so they need to see you, identify what job you have etc and look through your references. You are also looking at the very very bottom of the market – studio apartments are generally only found in the more upmarket complexes and cost quite alot ($400 a week +). Another note – you will only find furnished accommodation in university accommodation – everything is furniture free.

Mary asks…

Looking for SAFE studio apt, preferably non-corporate, SW Austin?

Hate big complexes

Administrator answers:

Try lindale

Paul asks…

Right dog breed for a 420 ft. Studio apt?

I just moved into a studio apt that allows dogs up to 20 pounds. I was considering a yorkie or a chihuahua…are these suitable breeds?? I just heard Yorkie’s have knee common is that??

Administrator answers:

I would recommend a mini dachsund. They are USUALLY more calm than most small breeds, my male really didnt calm down until he was a year old. But they require less exercise then most breeds, and are generally quiet. PLUS a smooth coated, or a wire coated doxie doesnt shed that much. As long as you dont allow them to become over weight their health is generally good-they can have back problems if they become over weight. ALSO-everyone seems to like these guys-they start conversations, and everyone wants to pet the weiner dog…

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