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Your Questions About Studio Apt

October 5, 2012

David asks…

Should I move into a studio or one bedroom apt?

Administrator answers:

A one bedroom appartment at least you can shut your bed away if anyone calls

Steven asks…

furnished studio apartment in North Hollywood?

Can anyone recommend a good furnished studio apt in the 700-900 dollar price range?

Administrator answers:


I haven’t lived in Hollywood, but I can give you a good recommendation on where to start. I would use the website It will save you alot of time, hassle, and its free. I’ll attach the link to the source. It will already have north hollywood pulled up, and you can select from various different options to narrow your search down and find exactly what your looking for. All of the listing have photos, ammenities included, layout options for furnished places, and points of contact ( names, email addresses, phone numbers ). Just make sure you negotiate the price, sometimes the listing prices included bogus extra charges and ammenities that you dont need/use/apply to you. Hope this helps you Rob!

William asks…

Anyone know where they are renting any studios apt in the los Angeles area for no more thenn 600 a month ?

Administrator answers:

You might get a room for that, but in the very heart of the ghetto. They will not advertise, you need to just drive around and look.

You get what you pay for in LA. If you are not willing to pay normal rent for a studio you simply will not get one.

Donald asks…

Looking for a one bedroom or studio apartment near Hartford, CT?

Hello. I’m looking for a one bedroom or studio apt. in the Hartford/New Britain area of Connecticut. Feel free to email me if you know of something. Thank You much!!!

Administrator answers:

Y there

Charles asks…

No one answered me…. please help: Studio or 1 bedroom apt. EASY 10pts!?

Studio costs = $620
1 bed room costs = $720
included water, gas, and trash.

P.S. I cook alot.
This is a room plan for studio

This is a room plan for 1 bedroom


P.S. I live alone.
I don’t have guesses
I cook alot
I get loans from FAFSA and bank

Administrator answers:

One bedroom. No way would I ever live in an efficiency. In this situation, you’ll either be sleeping on the couch or a pull out sofa because you can’t get a bed and sofa in this room. So, depends on whether you want to sleep on a real bed or a make-shift bed or have your guests sit on your bed when they visit. You can’t really do both in a room that small. If you use the living room as a bedroom, you may as well just stay at an extended stay and have your utilities paid for and have maid service to boot. An efficiency is really nothing more than an extended stay where you pay utilities and have to supply the furniture.

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