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October 11, 2012

Donna asks…

Don’t get enough cmmts! Please answers me EASY! Studio or 1 bedroom Apt. 10pts?

Studio costs = $620
1 bed room costs = $720
included water, gas, and trash.

P.S. I cook alot.
This is a room plan for studio

This is a room plan for 1 bedroom


Administrator answers:

Obviously, it’s your choice and only you know your budget, but if you can afford it, then the one bedroom is far superior to a studio. There’s probably a lot more light due to more windows, certainly a lot more room, and an increased sense of home. Even a big studio apartment feels like you’re living in someone else’s house because everything is in one room. It’s okay if you’re just starting out and money is tight, but for anyone but a student or someone on a fixed income, a place with a separate bedroom is preferable.

With a one bedroom you’ll have at least one big closet for your clothes so the place you watch TV and have friends over won’t look like a dorm room. You can also get a couch for friends or relatives to crash on, though that might be a drawback, depending on your family. It’s nice to have a living room that doesn’t function as a permanent bedroom and is a place where you don’t have to sit on a bed or sleeper sofa. You can make it your own and put on a semi public face that doesn’t involve decorating a bedroom or making a bed every day. It’s nice to have place to eat, watch TV, or have friends over that doesn’t involve crumbs in your bed or having people see where you sleep.

Do you have pets? A lot of friends? Bad habits like excess partying? If you’re quiet and shy, without a lot of stuff, then a studio might be okay for a while, but you may find you quickly outgrow it and wish you had taken the one bedroom, though you should be able to switch if there’s one available within the same apartment complex or building without breaking your lease.

Hope that helps, but again, its your choice not ours, and we don’t know your financial situation. If you can afford it, the one bedroom offers a lot more options and versatility than a studio does.

Mandy asks…

what sites are good for finding an Apt in Los Angeles?

im looking mainly for a 2 bedroom apt in north hollywood, sherman oaks, van nuys, or studio city. ive got about $1200 to spend. i have a small dog and cat.

Administrator answers:

You are likely not going to get a two bedroom in the best areas of Sherman Oaks or Studio City for only $1200. Try Craigslist or drive around and look for “For Rent” signs. Vacancy rates are up, so you should be able to find something, even with your tight budget.

Ken asks…

I am looking for a flexible lease studio or 1 BR apt in San Diego (2 months. Preferably in Hillcrest area)?

Administrator answers:

Try craig’s list!!! That’s where i found my new place! :)

good luck :)

Lisa asks…

need a studio or one room apt in islandia/roncocoma?

utilities , partl furnished , near a train station

Administrator answers:

Try yahoo local

Carol asks…

What are some good websites for looking for studio apartments in Boston or its surrounding suburbs?

Also, if an apt is “available now” can you pay what’s required and move in when you want? Like if a studio is available now, do any tenants let you pay then move in this summer or does it have to be right away?

Administrator answers:

Most will want you to move in now if it says its available now. I’d call local realators directly and ask about listings in your price range that are available when you need them. Fairfield Realty was mine, and they have a lot of cheap places in the Back Bay area. Or craigslist, always worked for me too. Just keep contacting people, most rentals only become known 2-3 months before they open up, so it’s often a last minute situation. That’s why working with a realtor is helpful, cause they know morw of what will be opening up in the future. If they let you pay in advance, but you didn’t want the place for a few months, they miss out on that rent, so usually thats not the way it works. You can always post an add looking for a studio on craigslist now and keep it up and see if anyone contacts you directly too. Good luck!

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