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October 30, 2012

Mary asks…

where can i find info on the Roomba?

I am thinking about buying one, but i know it doesnt take too long for our upright vaccuum to become full (lots of dog fur). I live in a one bedroom studio apt with my wife and our two medium sized dogs. Due to the constant temperature changes from Texas heat to apt AC or Texas freeze to apt warmth they are always shedding and i would like to have the thing just vaccuum while i am at work since I really dont have time between school, a 40hr job, and homework to vaccuum. My main concern is that the vaccuum would get full after a few minutes and become useless until emptied. Does anyone know the how much it can hold, how strong is the suction, which model to purchase, and where i can see a demonstration.

Administrator answers:

Here is a link to the company that manufactures and sells Roomba vacuums:

Here is a link to the Wikipedia article about Roomba:

Here is a link to a website where you can read user reviews, tips, and comments on Roomba robotic vacuums:

Type “roomba” into the Yahoo search box and you will get over 1,000,000 results to explore.

Good luck with your Roomba.

Mandy asks…

Where can I find an apartment spending no more than 900 dollars a month in Orange county and Long Beach area?

I am looking for an apartment (not a studio apt!!), that is reasonably priced and over 500 square feet in the orange county area. Also am considering the Long Beach area as well with the same criteria.

Administrator answers:

Craig’s List has everything you need. Here you go

Donald asks…

How can I get organized and stay organized?

I live in a studio apt, so I do everything in one room. My bed room is my living room and where I study. I have clothes on my bed, floor ,papers piled on my desk, kitchen table, coffee table, floor.. its everywhere. I know it sounds like I’m a slob but I’m really not, its time. It gets so frusterating, it drives me nuts!!! I feel like I dont have enough to do everything.. I need help… any good tips on time mangement and organization??

Administrator answers:

There is a web site called, it has totaly helped me be more organized and walks you through it with baby steps. Good luck

John asks…

What is the smallest apatment/living space you’ve had on your own?

Mine was a 203sqft Studio apt. in the early 1980′s.

Administrator answers:

200 square ft i grew up pretty poor but now i live in a house so i guess it payed off :)

Laura asks…

Is it legal to accept money from the next/ future tenant of my rental unit?

I live in an area with a tight rental market and I currently have an incredible studio apt (on the corner of the building with great views). Other people in the building have offered me money to pass my place on to them when I leave (the other units in the building are not great – but mine is 2ce as big). Can I legally do that?

Administrator answers:

Sure. Just make sure you document everything in writing, including what happens if you don’t leave, when you’d have to return their deposit in that case, if you can keep some of it for the “option”. An option is somewhat common in real estate, especially land development. People pay you X dollars for the right to have first crack at purchasing the property, usually with some range of prices agreed upon in advance. This seems similar.

But to be sure, you might want to spend a few minutes with a local real estate attorney.

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