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November 1, 2012

Carol asks…

How do i get my terracotta tile floor clean of it’s hateful white residue?

I just tiled an entire studio apt in terracotta 6″ squares. My tile guy says he sealed the tile, but I’m beginning to wonder if he sealed after he grouted and so maybe the white residue is from the grout. As much as i clean the floors, they look great when wet then dry with this residue. Help! How might I strip the existing sealer and start over?

Administrator answers:

If the tiles were sealed straight after the tiling was done, there’s your problem, That hateful white grout residue can take weeks to wash out, then they should of been sealed. As for stripping the existing sealer and start over, I can’t see that working well because the sealer gets soaked into the porous terracotta tiles, just as the hateful white residue did. That’s why it can take weeks to get the residue out washing with white vinegar and water, do you have a good lawyer?

John asks…

How do I keep my studio apt. from reeking of smoke from my smoker bfs clothes?

I live in a tiny studio apartment with a smoker boyfriend and the consequence of this is driving me insane. My bf knows how much I can’t stand the smell of cigarettes so she smokes outside and wears a certain coat he only wears when he smokes. He also makes sure to thoroughly wash his hands and brush his teeth (about 80% efficient). However, he still brings in the disgusting smoke odor on his clothes. The smell spreads from off of his jacket and even shoes and soon the whole apartment is filled with a vague to sometimes overpowering stench of cigarettes. Is there anything I can do or buy to absorb the odor so that the problem doesn’t occur at all? I’ve heard of placing vinegar around the house to absorb the smell but I need something to use on his clothes. Please help! This issue is putting a strain on our relationship and driving me insane.

Administrator answers:

Your boy friend is a first class jerk, break it off and let him find a gal who smokes. He may claim to quit smoking, down the road, however, most of these addicts will become sneaky closet smokers, you will have the same problems all over again. Say — Adios Amigo.

Paul asks…

What are some good areas in san francisco ca to live in?

I’m looking to move to San Francisco in the fall and am trying to find a studio apt. in a really good safe area. I don’t care if it’s in the city or in the suburbs as long as its in a safe neighborhood. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Do you really don’t care of money? The best part of the city is pacific height, a studio for $1500 to $2000, not including parking.

The cheapest studio in SF is $995, but not in safe area.

Daniel asks…

Why does my cat attack me and my boyfriends feet in the morning in bed?

He does it only in morning, before the alarm goes off, and it’s annoying. He usues his claws, but but doesn’t scratch. He only used to do it to my boyfriend, but recenly since my boyfriend went otu of town he has been doing it to me. It’s only in when were in bed, feet covered befor ethe alarm goess off. After the alam goes off and we hit the cnooze does he stop. I live in a studio apt. se we can shut him out of the bed room.

Administrator answers:

He’s playing a rousing game of monster under the covers…great fun for a kitty…>^..^<

James asks…

Does rentel income count as EARNED income if it is your ONLYsource?

I am disabled and have a studio apt in my house to help with bills.

Administrator answers:

If the reason you are asking is to see whether you have to pay taxes or not the answer would be Yes. It doesn’t matter how you “earn” that income, it will show up in the total income line which is what counts when calculating taxes.

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