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November 5, 2012

Ken asks…

Im moving to Los Angeles what should i be cautious about?

Im 20 moving to LA by myself in a couple of months to work on some projects, im going down there by myself. Wheres the safest place to live, im thinking a studio apartment. I was hoping to live in North Hollywood, where could i find some cheep and safe studio apt?

Administrator answers:

Cheap does not exist in LA.

Safety isn’t real. Crime can happen anywhere and nobody knows when they’re going to leave.

As of right now, because of the economy, a job opening in Los Angeles is almost non existent. With the closings of Shoe Pavilion, Linens-N-Things, Mervyns, Circuit City, and Gottschalks (soon to be), it’s going to be EVEN MORE difficult. Just recently the unemployment rate went from 9.4% to 10.1%!!

You will also need about $10,000 to start off.

Decent prices start at $1000 mo. For either an extremely small studio or a 1bd/1ba apartment if you’re lucky. There is no such thing as $550 mo. Here. A minimum waged job alone will barely pay the rent. Remember, you need to eat, you need water, gas, electric, personal hygiene, etc.

Bottom Line: Look elsewhere. In 3 months, you’ll be back in your hometown with no improvement whatsoever.

Mark asks…

How do estate agencies operate in Naples?

I want to rent a studio apt but I’m confused as internet websites offer so little.

Could an Italian or a resident of Italy let me know how to get a flat before setting a foot in Italy?


Administrator answers:

You can look on the remax site or tecnocasa or tecnorete or gabetti…

And yes you can buy or rent a flat without problem…


in any of this sites there is the “eng” button

Mandy asks…

the tubes in my bathroom stink, please help?

i have well water. Every time I open the door to my bathroom I throw up (I’m pregnant and use the bathroom often!) It smells like rotting eggs in there and it’s comming from the pipes. If I leave the widow open it gets very humid in there, if I leave the door open it helps but then my entire studio apt will stink!!!! What can I do? Any product I can purchase? Any home remedies?
the smell only comes from the tub, when I run water it goes away

Administrator answers:

If the smell is only coming from the one bathroom and no other sink than it’s most likely coming from either the sink, tub or commode drain. Most likely wont be the well water itself since the problem is only located in one area and nowhere else like the kitchen sink.

You did mention that it’s a studio apartment. Call the landlord to fix.

You should have a ‘ U ‘ shaped drain ( ‘P’ trap) under the sink that’s visible. This piece should always have water standing in it to prevent the gases from escaping the drain pipe and also to help prevent something like a ring from being lost forever if accidentally dropped in the sink ;) This goes for the shower/ tub as well however you most likely wont see this as it sits under the floor.

It could also be coming from the commode; it has a wax ring that the bottom part sits on that fills the gap between the toilet drain and the main drain line. This also could need replacing as over time it can leak.

Last possible cause would be a clogged vent pipe usually located on the roof. Sometimes leaves are an animal can enter it and cause a blockage that will result in the gases not venting properly.

Again call the landlord to have them find the source and fix.

Daniel asks…

Which air purifier should i buy and why?

I need to buy an air purifier for my apartment because my cat has asmatha and has difficulty breathing. i have done some research and there is a lot of conflicting info out there. which type of system is good for my 700 sq ft studio apt?
which air purifier is best for people?

Administrator answers:

I think the best air purifier is Oreck.

Susan asks…

I need someone to move my things from AZ to KY, suggestions?

I have a studio apt in Phoenix. I need my things moved to Louisville. Does anyone know of a reasonably priced mover?

Administrator answers:

PODS. You fill the storage container and they ship it to your destination and then you unload it in Louisville. By the way you will love Louisville. We live 40 miles away.

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