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November 10, 2012

Paul asks…

Could I live on my own with this income?

There is a really nice studio apt for about $400/month. I only make $2500/month after taxes. Could I live on my own and still have some extra money for saving? I have some credit card debt and student loans to start paying off but I don’t spend a ridiculous amount of entertainment money. No car payment either.

So would it suck living alone or should I get some roommates so I could save some money?

Administrator answers:

As a grad student, I’m only making about $2000 a month (no tuition and fees, but the stipend isn’t too great!). My rent is $600/month (no roommates) and I have a car payment and I am making do alright, but I don’t have any credit card debt and I don’t need to start paying my student loans. Depending on how much your payments on that debt are, my guess is that you will be okay without roommates. $400 is really cheap where I live (here, often even when you do have roommates, rent is higher). Only buy what you need for awhile until you get some of that debt chipped away at.

James asks…

Which types of frogs and toads are the noisiest-and quietest pets?

I’m thinking of getting a pet toad or pert frog, but have read some species can ribbet and chirp VERY loudly at night- i live in a studio apt with thin walls, so don’t want one that will keep me up an night or disturb the neighbors?
Which types of frogs and toads are the noisiest?
Which are the quietest?

Are american toads and Pacman frogs noisy? Do they spend the night ribbeting at the top of their lungs?

Administrator answers:

We had a Dumpy Tree Frog and he rarely made any noise and it was a little tiny noise when he did. They are really cute (can frogs be cute?) and he turned from a purpley color to bright green depending on what color he was on in his cage. I don’t know much about Pacman frogs other than they eat mice (ick)

Daniel asks…

Can car be hired to pick and drop from any agency in Dubai?

Hello.. I have finally decided to rent a studio apt. in any cluster in international city.
Can you tell me the distance from international city to Emirate Atrium Building (EAB) in Syed Z. Road?
How is the public transport from the international city to EAB?
Can I have any agency name or number or website who can serve my pickup and drop from office to home and vice versa.?
Overall , i heard international city is a smelly place… is it so? Which clusters are best to stay and get rid of smells?

Administrator answers:

I suggest you give RTA a call for the bus time table from int city. There is number 66 but i’m not sure where it takes you.

Int city is bit smelly cos its right next to the sewage treatment plant.

Ken asks…

I have a question about immigration rules?

I am 19 and I want to move out to my own studio apt. My dad said I cant do that since I am depending on his visa. His is H1 visa and I have an H4 visa. He said that I have to be in the same address as him, apparently it’s the immigration policy? Is this right/ I want to move out b/c then I will be closer to my college, the commute is exhausting! What are other alternatives?

Thank you all so much.

Administrator answers:

Here’s a link to the laws and regulations governing immigration.

Linda asks…

Good places for Columbia college Chicago students to live off campus?

My boyfriend and I are moving to Chicago in January to start at CCC, we are looking for a studio apt. Around $800 a month. I want to be within a 10min walk of a train and no more than 30mins away in all. We both really like Bucktown. Any other recommendations??

Administrator answers:

A studio for $800? Are you kidding me? You can find 2 bedroom apartments for $800. You can find studios for $475.

The places I’m talking about, live along the Orange and Pink Line stations, that are also 10 minutes from the downtown loop.

Orange Line Halsted station, which is in Brigeport neighborhood, which is predominantly White, Hispanic, and Chinese.

Pink Line train stations include Polk, 18th, and Damen. Along 18th and Damen station are bigger Mexican neighborhoods.

As for Blue Line or Brown Line neihborhoods on the North sides, see what you can find for apartment prices on Craigslist.

Edit: For the 77 neigborhoods of Chicago (community areas), each neighborhood has their own article on Wikipedia. Feel free to check them out for demographic information and such.

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