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November 11, 2012

Daniel asks…

Where do I get good accomodation in Delhi ?

It should be 1 BHK Flat or Studio Apt in range of Rs. 3000 to 4000.
It must be in Apartment or in Society like (DDA Flats) and Independent too.

Plz answer me immedately as I have to change before 1st of next month…….


Administrator answers:


David asks…

Best neighborhoods in San Francisco to live in?

I plan on moving to San Francisco and was wondering what neighborhoods/streets were the safest? I will be working in Union Square and possibly attending SF State. I am just looking for a studio apt around 1200 but don’t want to live somewhere questionable if I have to come home late at night.
I will be working the Mall so there will be plenty of times I’ll be working late at night. & SFSU is not my first choice still considering academy of art!

Administrator answers:

Outer Sunset and West Portal are two compromise spots. I do not know if you want the Richmond or the Avenues as well.

Richard asks…

I’m on a month to month lease and don’t want to get kicked out if I raze too much hell.?

II live in a very old studio apt in the Valley in CA. It is a one story apt of wood (looks cool like a log cabin when your in it) but NO insulation AT ALL!!! The rent is very cheep and I jumped at it. Well after one summer and one winter there I realized why. Last summer it was so hot in the apt that I had sweet dripping down my face while just sitting there. Even with both Air conditioners on (bathroom and bedroom) The Vaulted celing may have something to do with it not cooling off. And the winter!!!!! In December right before Christmas I literally caught a cold just by sleeping in the bed at night. There’s an old heater but it’s the one like you can actually see the flames at the bottom . Basically it’s hell in extreme weather, whatever the temp is outside its worse in my apt. my neighbor has a thermometer and called me one day it was 100 degrees in her apt.!! I don’t want to get kicked out if I raze too much hell. Is there anything I can do?

Administrator answers:

Check with your local laws about landloard/tenant things before you say anything….once you have gathered info go to your landlord and show what you have found and state calmly why you want insulation added to your apt if they refuse report them (if that’s allowed) if there is nothing in your local laws about that…then maybe you should find another place to live

Thomas asks…

lcd/hdtv/dvd toshiba does anybody have experience about this product?

It’s confusing what type of product to buy I’d love to afford bang&olsen but who has those bucks I want to keep it simple and reasonable in price for the coming change in tv viewing. What’s the differance in size 26 -32 for small spaces bedroom or studio apt. also the quality. thanks

Administrator answers:

I do not have any personal experience with Toshiba HDTV’s, but I do own two Toshiba TV’s and a Toshiba DVD player and they all work great!

What I would recommend is to go to and click on reviews. Then type in the model(s) you are considering. CNET does a great job at telling the good, the bad, and the bottom line. They also give all the specs you need such as dimensions. I would recommend a 32 in if you can fit it.

The recommended distance that you sit from a TV is 1.5 to 3 times the size of TV. So if you will be sitting 4 1/2 feet to 6 feet away it would be perfect!

Mark asks…

what is a good economical moving company in bahrain?

How much does moving cost in Bahrain? I am just moving a few blocks down to Saar. Studio apt- so very few items

Administrator answers:

There are many but choosing the best one always holds the key. The only way you can get an idea about the trusted moving company is going through the reviews. Visit the mover reviews sites and then only you will be able to have an idea about your suitable company.

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