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November 16, 2012

Joseph asks…

What is the best way to furnish a studio apartment?

I am a 21 year old college student in Baltimore, MD and will be looking to move into a studio apartment in downtown Baltimore.

What is the best way to furnish a small space?

You made my day for glancing at this and if you can answer and give suggestions, you are a very blessed person!

Peace and blessings, stay lovely and smile…!!!

Administrator answers:

I agree with the earlier answer… You definitely want things that serve more than one purpose. When I had my first studio apartment, I used a shogi screen (japanese rice paper screen, very inexpensive) to give my bed area some privacy. But you can also get a futon that doubles as a sofa. Have your tv in a wall mount tv stand (if your studio apt permits it), this way you can watch it from anywhere in the space. Keep the color and lighting, bright and airy so you feel like you have more room. I have also saw a studio with a walkin closet converted into a bedroom! There is a great show on HGTV called ‘Small Spaces’. I bet you can go to their website for some great ideas as well. I included their link below. One last thing, don’t overload your space. Small places can look overly cluttered really fast. Check out the flylady for tips on keeping it organized. :) Good luck!!!!

William asks…

should I buy my first house or wait?

I’m 26 single and ready with 30% down for a 2 bedroom apartment.
Now I’m staying in a rented studio apt. and want a place to call my home.

Should I buy now or wait or save more for a better home?

Administrator answers:

?nvestment is good.And very important!
So, if you cannot make sure that you won’t waste that money on other things, don’t wait and buy your first house.

Paul asks…

Baseboard Heater or Heater from Wal mart?

I am trying to decide whether I should just buy a heater, like a fan forced air heater rather than use my baseboard. I have a 450 Sq. Ft. Studio Apt. My bill goes from 40 dollars to 80ish using my baseboard.
What was the difference, if any, in price (if you switched from a baseboard to a portable, in your electric bill?) My apartment is only a studio 450 sq. ft.

Administrator answers:

I had baseboard heaters throughout my house. After one winter of unbelievable bills I switched them off and never used them again. I use free standing heaters for awhile and they were helpful because I would use them only where I was rather than the whole house. Those with fans were best.

Robert asks…

I get scared almost all the time what should i do?

When i was 22yrs old i wasn’t afraid of being alone, I lived on my own in my little studio apt, no problem. Now i am 27 and if i am alone at night i get scared, and i start thinking about bad stuff. To make long story short i am more fear full. Sometimes I get so scared for no reason my heart beats so fast. What is the best way to get use to being alone again, having my TV on is not helping. I also have a problem sleeping at night. serious tips only!

Administrator answers:

“What is the best way to get use to being alone again”.

Your statement leads me to believe between 22 and living on your own that you may have been involved in a serious live-in relationship thats recently ended? If so, I’d suspect it’s not really the fear of actually being alone at night as it is the missing having someone special in your life with you at night maybe?

George asks…

Can someone please recommend an apt building in Hermosa California that is close to the beach under $1000/mth?

It doesn’t have to be a nice apartment. I don’t need fancy services. I know there has got to be mediocre buildings without the gardner and pool man and conceirge. I just need a place to live and I don’t want to pay $1400 a month for a studio. I am looking for a 1 bedroom under $1000. Any help you could give would be most appreciated. Even if you just send me the name of an apartment building and it’s general area. Cheers!

Administrator answers:

That’s a tall order. Almost everything in the South Bay Beach Cities is expensive. Best thing to do is to look on Craigslist. Put in $1000 as your max, and type in “Hermosa” in your search.

Right here is a link to one on Manhattan Avenue; how great is that?


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