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November 21, 2012

Maria asks…

Should I move back home with my parents are not?

Going through a divorce and I can either stay in my studio apt (sooo freakin small) or move back with my parents to save $$$ (they offered). What should I do? I’m 29. I hate to feel like I’m going backward in life but I’m lost.

Administrator answers:

Divorce is an acceptable reason to temporarily move back home. Just make certain you set a firm time limit. 6 months to 1 year (maximum). Pay them a reasonable amount of (discounted) rent. Save EVERY penny you can and put it in the bank. Help out around the house. Look regularly for apartments to move into that suit your needs and price.

Helen asks…

What city in netherlands is cheapest to live , what is the cost of a one bedroom apt,can americans live ther?

also what would be the cheapest city to live near Amsterdam and what is cost of studio on yearly lease?

Administrator answers:

Amsterdam itself is quite difficult… Very difficult to find a place to live there, even for Dutch people, AND, very very expensive… Why would you want to live in Amsterdam? If only for the smokes, you could live in any other Dutch city… The 4 major cities in Holland are Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht… Amsterdam is most expensive, then comes The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht are relatively cheap. Usually you’ll rent by the month (probably with a 6 or 12 month minimum stay)… Prices range from about 500 to 1500 euro a month or more… You could probably find something cheaper but you’d have to look long and hard… Be more specific in your question and you’ll get a better answer…

Sandy asks…

What combination of colors should I use to decorate my home?

I plan on decorating my apt. soon with dark oak mission furniture, along with accent pieces like lamps, shelves, and picture frames in espresso…. but I don’t just wanna limit myself to those colors. I’d like to add a little touch of ivory or bone white to my decor but don’t know how to work with them. Do these colors go well with dark oak and espresso? And are there any other colors that I should consider using? I’m trying to give my place a warm cozy look, but I need some ideas.

Administrator answers:

The ivory/dark oak/espresso color combo will look fantastic. Check out these home makeovers from HGTV:,1793,HGTV_3376_4616088,00.html,1793,HGTV_3545_1946999,00.html

Check out some of these Mission-style pieces with Ivory upholstery:

You could also use hunter green, dusty blue, adobe red, dusty rose, or butternut squash – all are very typical of Arts & Crafts style.

David asks…

Apartment hunting that will work with my income?

Looking for [non-profit] programs that can help work with my income.

Single man, looking for a studio or 1 bedroom apt. I live in New York. The projects is not an option.

Administrator answers:

Hi there, the site that already has been recommended is a really good one.
Otherwise, with a bit of apartment hunting you can find studio for some 1700 in East Village.
Good luck.

Thomas asks…

Anything wrong with getting a studio in Harlem for $1100 a month?

Does anyone have experience living in a small studio apartment in less than affluent areas? Is it really that bad?

Administrator answers:

Hmmm i wouldnt mind, harlem has been invaded by yuppies during the housing boom and it really went from poor to middle class in the 2000′s. Just ask around the building how it is, if the majority of the neighbors are not on section 8 housing, and are long term residence live there and if anyone owns their apt. I’ve lived in shady neighborhoods before and that was always a sign you were looking at a place on a good block. After a while your neighbors know who you are and know what youre doing there. Try to be nice to them when you move in, especially little old ladies.
Try not to walk many places after dark, and if you have to walk on busy well lit streets. Buses are usually your best bet at night or a cab if you can catch one that far uptown. Not so great for harlem but i took up biking to get around after dark in cities alot. If youre a girl do not wear skirts.

And hey you technically live in manhattan, and if youre by 125th street the A train will take you anywhere

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