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Your Questions About Studio Apt

November 22, 2012

George asks…

Do you have any ideas for cramped living?

I’m looking at getting a small studio apartment in another city as a second dwelling. I’m looking for some good reference materials or web sites that show how to maximize living space and storage. I’m sure that there must be some good ideas from places like Japan or Hong Kong where space is at a premium. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

First of all… I would immediately go out to your nearest decent sized bookstore (or just order a subscription of) Dwell because its definitely my favorite Home/Decor magazine ever, especially if your style is really simple, modern, or Japanese. That magazine would have more ideas for you than I ever would.

But yea… IKEA is pretty awesome, especially because it’s really classy simple stuff but for a really good price. I’d also reccomend Apt. Because they have a wide range of stuff that has a bit more personality. A lof of their stuff is really nice too because it’s multi-functional. Couches fold into beds, etc. But my favorite furniture/decor brand right now is definitely Mobelform. They even have a desk that folds into bunk beds. Simply awesome. Anyway… Good luck with whatever you choose!

Daniel asks…

Is there any type of high powered kitchen fan that can be installed over an apt stove?

i wok a lot and creates a lot of smoke for my studio apartment. is there any type of high powered smoke fan i can install or connect to my existing apartment stove fixture (where the existing fan is) to help eliminate the smoke?

Administrator answers:

Does the existing fan vent to the outside? If you own the apartment, you can have a more efficient unit installed.

If you can’t install a stronger stove fan, just open a window or door (if safe) to the outdoors and turn on a fan in your room to blow the smoke out of your apartment.

Mary asks…

Does anyone know how to make a CHEAP people sized photo studio?

I am trying to make a photo studio in my basement so i can do my own family photos and pet photos.

Administrator answers:

Alright…you are in luck. I am converting my dining room in my apt to a photo studio and I’ve been doing my research on DIY techniques to do this cheaply. So basically look through the following sites to get your basement up and going.


Backdrop stand:




Hope this is the kind of answer you were looking for. Good Luck.

Sandy asks…

How much can I expect to pay in utilities?

I’m looking at studio, or 1br apartments in the Columbus area, and I’m wondering how much I can expect to pay in utilities; gas, electric, and water. I’m generally good about conservation; no lights on during the day, only ones in the room I currently occupy at night, <10 minute showers etc. Any input on costs of these would be greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Every area has thier own rate, so I really cant help much. Heres a few things about utilities.
Water can be billed as a in general use, and have all the apts on a bldg share an estimated cost, I found that out the hard way, shorting my showers to save money and it was my apt size that put my share of cost vs my own water meter, thats very common in apts, so each place you apply could have dif set ups.
Elec, not using your heater or ac, using energy efficent bulbs, available now at dollar general and other dollar stores, helps cut costs. Using the microwave vs the stove when you can will help too. Dont use your dishwasher. Use cold water as much as you can, the simple turning the hot water handle brings out hot water, so now the hot water heater has new cold water brought in and it has to turn on to heat that water.
Unplugging anything not in use, such as phone chargers, and radios etc etc, although miniscule in the end saves energy.
Id guess with no heating and ac and no dishwasher, expect a elec bill of 30 to 55. It all depends on how new the appliances are. If you found a place with very new appliances you could save 20 a month!! Once summer hits if you run the ac, set on auto and set a cool temp that works for you but isnt too cool, use plug in fans as much as you can. Your bill could be from 75 to 175. The price of electricity in most areas, is cheaper per unit of measurement during half the year, and then the summer months its much much higher.
I moved and wow my elec bill went up alot, older water heater, older refrig and stove, and I started eathing at home more than I had before. So now I cook two nights noodles and bag half of them so I dont use the stove twice for the same meal.
Gas is much cheaper, hope that you have gas powered appliances, your elec bill will be cut way down say one third or more!
Elec 35
Gas 15
Water 20
Id plan on that being the bottom rates. Did you know your car insurance goes by zip codes, to save on that, call your insurer and find out the dif in a few zip codes, and move accordingly to also save on money.
Most elec company websites, have pricing calculators you can put in dif scenarios too, and see their estimates, check that out.

Mark asks…

in what countries in the world can i survive nicely on $300 a month?

like if i was earning only $300 dollars a month, from renting my studio apt in america, where can i live comfortably i the world with this kind of money. thanks

Administrator answers:

Why leave? You can live like a king IN A VAAN DOWN BY THE RIVERR!!!

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