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November 25, 2012

Donald asks…

What part of NYC should I call home?

Which borough of new york should i move to. I’m in my early twenties. Not much money. White but not racist. Would prefer to use public transportation. Studio or one bedroom apt. Would prefer to be closer to the city so there’s stuff to do.

Administrator answers:

Try Sunset Park, Brooklyn. It’s mostly Hispanic & Asian, but it’s fairly safe and should be pretty affordable.

John asks…

How much does it cost to live in France?

How much does it cost to live in France?
I know it varies greatly but could someone give me price quote on someone:

-Living in Paris
-Living in South of France
-Living in Western France near Spain

If I am looking for a:

-1 bedroom or studio place just for one person(me)
-Should be in a decent neighborhood
-I am in my early adult ages(18)
-Should be a culturally diverse area.

Any & all info would be very much appreciated.
(10 pts)

Administrator answers:

The rental prices given by rugratshd are about right.

On average, the minimum cost of living in a French city is about 900 €/month for a studio, utility bills, groceries & transportation.

Here are basic rental prices (low-end price range) in decent districts of downtown:

Paris: 350€/400€ a month for a room less than 160 sq.feet, 450€/600€ for a studio 160 to 230 sq.feet.

Nice: 350€/450€ for a small studio
Aix-en-Provence: 400€/500€ for a small studio
Montpellier: 300€/400€ for a 200 to 300 sf studio
Perpignan: 300€/400€ for a larger studio or 1BR apt
Toulouse: 300€/350€ for a small studio

Prices are highest in Paris and the Riviera (Nice) for housing and services (restaurants and bars for instance). On the other hand, there are hardly any price variations throughout France for goods such as clothing, furniture and groceries.

Chris asks…

How can I tell if someone is hooked up to my energy bill?

I recently shut off my gas because the bill was 60$ (more than i have ever paid and i recently moved into a tiny studio). And today I got my electric bill and this last month it is more than doubled. So i called ladwp to ask them what is going on and they even said it was fishy but they themselves cant tell if someone is on my electric bill. Any ideas what i can do?? Thanks in advance
I live in an apt building..

Administrator answers:

If you have the type of meter you can see moving, unplug everything in your apt Fridge Stove tv everything turn heat down and ac up. Go to the meter to see if it is still moving, if so someone is on your meter. I have heard this is common if there is a manage apt so they save money. Take a reading (Picture is better ) and then another reading in one hour. (pic again)

This can happen to when a building/house is rewired to meters for apartments Not necessarily intentional. Also be aware Fridge uses tons pof electricity and this apt may have an energy eater. AC and heat too if they are seperate

Betty asks…

Is it a health risk for a dog to lick you in the mouth specially if youre pregnant?

My girlfriend is 3month s pregnant, she has a dog living with us in a studio apt, she has the habit of kissing the dog in the mouth and letting him lick hers, she feeds him from her hand at times and continues eating with out washing her hands, is this unhealthy for the baby?.. the dog is also over due for his vaccination shots..

Administrator answers:

Oh please everyone… Did you know that youre more likely to get an infection from a human bite than a bite from a dog? Ppl mouths are way more filthy, bacteria wise, in comparison to dogs.

Sure they lick their butt holes but their saliva has bacteria that kills bad bacteria.. Its not unhealthy for her to kiss the dog. Jesus christ… Youre more at risk handling a gas pump or even handling money than you are from a dog…

Sharon asks…

Wanting to move to New York from Oklahoma?

Hello!! I am from Oklahoma and I’m planning on moving to New York and need to know where are the best places to move. I also want to rent a apt, studio or room since I’ll just be graduating from college. Please, I need some great information about where to rent in New York . Thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

NYC is very expensive to live. The previous person was right. If your looking at a different area to live it might be cheaper but you’ll be away from the city. I live in upstate NY. Way upstate, i’m practically touching the Canadian border. Rent up here is about $650 for a 2-3 bedroom place. (Studio Apts run about $350-$400) But then again its farm country. So if you want to move here to be in a big city, you might want to start saving or get yourself a real good job. Other than that you might have to find somewhere in farm country.

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