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November 28, 2012

Donald asks…

I need to move to Brooklyn by July. Does anyone know what areas are good to live in and what areas to avoid?

I want to live some place where the chances of getting robbed or held at gun point is low. Some place where I can get a cheap studio for under $800. I want to be close to Manhattan or at least close to a subway station.

Administrator answers:

Park Slope is really nice. My best friend lives there and although her apt is above a hardware store it’s BEAUTIFUL!

Thomas asks…

Where can I fin a cheap apt in Yakima?

I need to get out of my current living situation (I have two roommates who are addicted to video games and don’t know the meaning of pick up after yourself), and I need to find a studio or 1bd to move into, I can only afford $350 – $400 a month. I’m basically new to this town and don’t know where to look first, any hints? (close to the college would be nice since I’m a full time student.

Administrator answers:

Cheap apt in Yakima

Carol asks…

How to look for an apartment in LA w/o driving?

I’m going to UCLA this fall and trying to look for an apt/studio. However, there’s no way I can drive there (too far). How can I get to the houses that I wanna see? Is it possible to book a cab there for a few hours? Thx!

Administrator answers:

Try just using the Metro transit system, they offer an all day pass for only $5 Which is valid for use on all regular bus & subway lines. There are several routes serving the UCLA area including the 2, 20, 302, 305, 720, 761, 920 and with a Metro to Muni transfer you can also gain access to the Big Blue Bus & Culver city transit systems which also serve the area. This way you can have the freedom to hop on & off as needed while visiting apartments, save money on high cab fares & avoid parking hassles. Good Luck!

Linda asks…

How much minimum package should we have to shift to sydney for a family of 2 ?

we want
rented apt or any other mode of accommodation which should be enough for 2(average comfort)
daily average food
and public trasport

Administrator answers: or will show you the rent of accomodation in the area you are planning to live.
2. Studio / shared accomodation will be cheaper.
3. For avegare food habit(excluding hard drinks if u need any) max 400$ per month
4.Transport is again costly. For train monthly tkt is -
mytrain1 – not sure
mytrain2 – 137$ per month
mytrain3 – 172$ per month
these 1, 2, 3 tkts are based on distance.
For buses not sure…fares and routes can be found in…u can check you requirement there.

By this, you can calculate ur own expense…additionaly include mobile / phone / internet connection charges …and if you are taking independent accomodation keep something for electricity bills also.

Hope this will help

Charles asks…

What does an apartment go for in woodside/sunnyside queens and surronding areas?

rental price and buying price?
also surronding areas like maspeth astoria and long island city what are their rent and buy prices.

For a studio or one bedroom

Administrator answers:

Sunnyside/Woodside is a nice area, good choice. It’s close to everything. I wouldn’t buy there though, real estate is crazy in the NYC area. You don’t want to get locked into something.

Plan to spend at least $1000 – $1200 in rent for something decent and safe if it will be just you and no roommates. I’d try craigs list to get an idea of what’s out there. Astoria is very nice as well, but pretty pricey these days. Finding an apt is always weird. Good luck!

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