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November 30, 2012

Nancy asks…

How much is your rent for an apartment?

Just curious where people live and how much their rent is. I live in North Carolina, out in the country. Got a one bed apt. $285

Administrator answers:

I live in southern New England (USA) and you could never rent any type of apartment here for that price, even in the worst areas!

We live in a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment with 1,000sqft in a great area. Our rent is $1,300 a month. That probably seems insanely high to you but for this area and the amenities we get its well worth the price. Plus, the management and maintenance staff are always fantastic.

The lowest you could pay for rent in my state would be more then double your rent (around $600) and all you would get would be a very tiny studio apartment in a horrible area. Basically, it would be a crap hole.


Mark asks…

Moving into new apt without a full kitchen?

The studio has stove top for light cooking but no oven to bake….a remedial problem for someone who’s learning to cook….any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

You can actually cook most things in a fairly large pot with a lid. I have a 5 quart and no microwave or toaster oven. Most things you can just steam, or fry, or sautee in that pot.

Donna asks…

Help! My air conditioning in my apartment is not working and the maintenance man just won’t fix it properly?

I have a wall unit kind of thing in my studio apartment. It looks like a little furnace against the wall. No thermostat: only high medium and low dial and “Hot” and “Cold”.


The maintenance man put a lot of gas in it (freon) but it still will not cool the apartment. When I put my hand up against it, sure its cold air, but it smells kind of weird and it doesn’t cool the rest of the apartment like it used to.

Any suggestions to on what the issue is? THANK YOU!

Administrator answers:

Sounds like you have a hole in the freon line if it is not staying cold.
You should not worry about getting it fixed that is the apt complex problem. Tell them you can’t pay the rent until it gets fixed or a new unit is installed. If the unit is old it would be more beneficial for them to replace with a new one since replacing parts and labor will equal the cost of a new one. I bet your electric bill is very high.

Joseph asks…

Apt sink is stained, why and how can it be fixed? It’s white non polished?

I plan to ask the apartment complex about that as well. I’m sure my apartment needs a remodel but hey I have a studio with super cheap rent so I’m not complaining too much.

Administrator answers:

I had the same problem with our basement sink…it had permanent yellowing. Oxi Clean worked for me after everything else (including Clorox) failed.

I wet the sink down and sprinkled Oxi Clean all over it. Then I scrubbed the Oxi Clean with a wet paper towel so there was an Oxi Clean paste all over the sink. I then let that sit over night.

The next day the Oxi Clean had become chunks, but the sink was as white as snow.

I threw the larger chunks in the trash and scrubbed the sink with a plastic scrubber to remove the small chunks.

This worked for me. Give it a try.

Good luck.


Michael asks…

Is intel i5 is good for audio editing?

I can’t afford i7 but i am interested in audio editing! I want it for DAWs like fl studio, ableton live, pro tools and acid pro. So, is i5 is good for editing instead of i7? All i have heard is i7 is best for any editing! But i can’t afford it! Help me out!

Administrator answers:

Do not worry , i5 is apt for your needs.Make sure that you have at least of 4gb of RAM along with it. Separate Sound card is recommended as well.

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