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December 1, 2012

Donald asks…

How will I sleep comfortably in a studio apartment?

I am being forced to downsize and sadly have to sell my king size bed and bedroom furniture because this place is so small but its what I can afford at the moment. Is there a modern bed… Can a sofa bed actually be comfortable? Andy suggestions would be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

I myself have never laid once on a comfortable hide-a-bed, and I sure wouldn’t want to have to pull it out every darn night,
but I wouldn’t let standard sized mattresses limit what you want to do for yourself, the sky’s the limit…
You can even build a loft bed larger than twin,
with a whole office or walk-in closet underneath,
lit up with great lighting and a big comfortable chair-n-a-half.

I built my own bed (I was a mom of two at the time)
in a 2-bedroom apt), because king is too big and queen is too small–we actually bought both but, not so good…
So I would say, measure your ideal most do-able size
and use foam mattresses and egg crates to top it off, I chose Ikea’s basic ones and then added the egg crates you get
from the hospital pharmacies because of the deeper divets–I love them!
You can get foam rubber glue to join more to a twin size that you cut from a second twin, and you can
use an electric bread knife to slick through the foam easily.
I cut plywood to measure 9″ wider than a queen
(you pick your size), and slightly longer than a king.
Then I cut 4 1×12′s and screwed
them into a frame sitting on the floor and screwed the
plywood to it, which I covered with batting and a second
hand wasn’t goona be seen anyway.
Then I put the mattress on top and sewed the corners
smaller than the king size it was, and made a deep under part so it wouldn’t pull off.
You can use ‘sewing glue’ if you don’t sew.
After that, I cut four legs out of 2x3s to the height I wanted it,
and screwed them on underneath inside the corners of the frame.
You only need a drill and a jigsaw for this project…
And an electric bread-knife, you need nothing, if someone can help you who has tools!
This base can pretty much me made in a couple hours.
I also made it into a canopy, and with that
you can establish a bit of privacy, plus, a free-standing
dressing tri-fold can also give you privacy, or a wall of bookcases.
If you do four posts out of 2×2 or2x3s,
you can attach a covered headboard to the front ones…just wrap it in 1 or 2″ thick foam, then batting, then staple on any fabric of your choice. Guess that’s the fourth tool, unless you glue that on, too..I hear Mighty Mend It works great for stuff like this.

Most of all have fun, because small space doesn’t have to limit you.

Paul asks…

can i change a tattoo appt to an earlier time?

I have an apt at OUCH! studios tomorrow at 4 and i need to change it to an earlier time is that possible to do?

Administrator answers:

Depends on how booked up they are, and how many artists are working. That’s pretty short notice, you may have to reschedule for another date, if you can’t make the four o clock. Call ‘em pretty quick, if you can’t make it at that time.

John asks…

How do young people manage to afford expensive cities? not all landlords will let 6 people share a studio?

apartment. and I understand jobs in cities pay better, but the rent and cost of living is a lot more expensive. When I checked, cities cost around $2k/month for an apartment, so it’s not like they can just pay rent and starve themselves.

Administrator answers:

Not every apt in one city is exactly the same price – you probably have to live in less desirable sections of the city to get cheaper rents or just smaller apartments – aparts in Philadelphia – the 5th largest city in US aren;t anywhere near 42000 a month on avg – most are well under $1000 – even for 2 BR apts in the more expensive suburbs

William asks…

I am looking for some good indoor plants.?

I live in a very small studio apt in upstate NY. I do get some morning sun, but not a lot, and not anywhere great for plants. I just today bought a hanging pot that has a small boston fern in it. It is the only hanging plant I have room for in that window.

What are some other plants that will survive in my small home?

Thank you.

Administrator answers:

With hardly any sun, you can raise wax begonias and impatiens as blooming house plants. Neither care for a lot of sun and will blossom like crazy and are great for beginners. They are also small plants and don’t take up alot of space if you have a small pot with some in. Talk to a local nursery for advice as well and see what they have for low light plants.
Begonias and impatiens were some of the first plants I learned to grow.

Nancy asks…

What’s the lowest possible amount of rent to pay for apartment?

The apartments don’t have to be super nice, just decent…. as long as they aren’t the “worst kind” where all people that live there are on drugs and it’s unsafe or whatever….

or perhaps a studio?
I’m a college student btw
Portland, Oregon or perhaps Seattle, Washington
Yes, cost is a problem, I would definitely have to look into buying something.. not sure I would be ready to make such a big step…

hmm, what about a condo?

Administrator answers:

Depends where you live. I live in New York and the cheapest apt you could find is about $800-$1000 for a one bedroom or studio.

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