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December 5, 2012

Carol asks…

Does anyone know how to install ubuntu studio using wubi?

I know how to install ubuntu using wubi and i know you can install some of the studio files from the synaptics and repostorys but i would like to know if you can install studio in windows with a clean install it’s a large file so i would like to know before downloading.

Administrator answers:

As far as I know you can’t install the Ubuntu Studio DVD using Wubi, but you can get there. First install Ubuntu using Wubi. Then log into Ubuntu open a terminal and past this command: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-desktop ubuntustudio-audio ubuntustudio-audio-plugins ubuntustudio-graphics ubuntustudio-video linux-rt That will get all of the packages onto your existing install. I would suggest you take a look at this page it is for Gutsy but will work for Hardy also. It includes how to install the themes, login windows, and all of the look and feel stuff. Hope that helps.

Robert asks…

Where can I buy a set of eletric drums in New York City ?

I wanna buy a set of electric drums … I own a studio apartment in Manhattan so I don’t wanna invest so much money nor take so much space in my apt.

A store where they sell them under 500 bucks.

I went to many stores in Midtown and small sets even cost 1000 bucks.

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately, NYC is just too expensive to allow retailers to offer you much of a bargain. However, Craigslist is always an option and there are plenty of college students in your area who need the money. Check some youtube vid reviews and read reviews on Amazon to research the kind of sets you are looking for (dimensions are usually included in the product description area). Write up a decent craigslist ad saying what brands/models you want, select the people who actually sound human and have integrity, and then meet up. You may also set up a google alert to tell you when a certain model is for sale on craigslist – then you’ll get a bunch of emails. You may also find that an older set would sell for less even though it will be just fine for your needs. Lots of information, but finding deals usually means more work.


Lizzie asks…

I want to open a studio in Vancouver for reiki, massage and other healing therapies.?

Any small business help is much appreciated. Also, where should I look to settle in Vancouver (moving from Toronto). Should I get a 2 bedroom apartment? Can I even rent a studio/living space in one unit? Help!

Administrator answers:

I live in Vancouver, so I can help. Yes you can rent studio/living space units. Trouble is most of them are located in areas that would not provide the clients that you need. They are mostly used by musicians, artists, etc. And foot traffic is nearly non-existent. I don’t know what your financial situation is as to where I could suggest to look for accommodations, and our transit system is pretty good. If you have a car you have even more choice in location. Vancouver already has an abundance of business’s like yours, and the people who live in a couple of particular areas would not even consider using your services. I can help you to find what you need, please email me and I will help. Have you thought of providing your services as an in home business??? I don’t think you would have as much competition and it could be very lucrative, If you are wanting a 2 bedroom apt with the idea of using 1 room as your studio, BAD IDEA.

David asks…

Moving to NYC-Where do I start?

I am planning on moving to NYC after my college graduation in May. I haven’t been to the city in nearly five years and have no idea where to start looking for an apartment. What are some good areas close to Manhattan? I am looking for either a large studio or 1 bedroom but don’t want to pay more than $1200. Also, where do you suggest I look for apartment listings? Any advice would be extremely helpful. I’m pretty clueless about this!

Administrator answers:

Start with, but simultaneously speak to anyone you know who might know someone in NYC. Apts in that price range rent within hours. If you want to be in Manhattan, consider a roommate or a small studio. Other areas you might consider are Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg, Astoria, Riverdale, and Hobokan.

Also try the Villiage Voice online for listings. Try to visit the apt in the day and night (if possible) to determine what the noise level/safety/etc is like.

As a last resort, use a broker. They will charge you but might be able to help find what you are looking for. Good luck!

Maria asks…

How do I get more of my security deposit back than was given? I feel ripped off.?

When I got my security deposit back more money was taken out for cleaning than I think was fair. When I first rented the apartment it was not satisfactorily clean and when I vacated, while it was not spotless it was similar. For reference, they docked me 360 dollars for various cleaning, no replacement of things or fixing damage. And it is a small studio apartment. What is my next course of action? Thanks

Administrator answers:

Upon move in you should have made a point that the apt was not clean.

They would have to produce the bills to show the expense of cleaning as a deduction of the deposit. Ask them for copies of the cleaning bills.

Otherwise, not much you can do. Chalk it up to a learning experience and demand a walk thru at the time you vacate your next apt.

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